Hello Directioners

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What would happen if 1/5 of One Direction died??????

Who died????

5 boys make up the best boy band in the world but what happens when they lose a member and have to learn the hard way that life is just not fair.

Will the rest of the boys continue to make music or will One Direction fall to pieces??



**Katie’s point of view**

Jessie and Louis are so crazy I think to myself as I watch them run around the room. Claire is going to kill them if they don’t stop soon. Well she may not kill Louis but you never know!!

I turned my attention back to Harry. I was sitting with him on Claire’s bed and Ellie had moved from the desk and was sitting next to me looking in her little green mirror. People think that she is really shallow but she is one of the best people I know with the kindest heart and she is actually super smart.

Zayn was sitting as far away from her as he could so he ended up next to Liam. I felt really sorry for Ellie. I know that Zayn is her favourite member of One Direction and he keeps staring at her like she is something disgusting that he found under his shoe. God he doesn’t even know her and he is already judging her. I wanted to slap him but then Claire would yell at me. She is such a mommy!!!

‘So what the plan for tomorrow?’ Harry asks me.

I am like sooo over the moon that we are having a sleepover with One Direction!!! It is any teenage girls dream.

‘Not sure but Hannah, Jessie and I are going to see Hannah’s horses tomorrow’ Niall says from behind the bed.

Harry glares at him. ‘I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to Katie’

Hannah and I exchange a look. Ooooooh what’s that about???

‘I don’t know Harry’ I told him.

‘Well I’m fine doing anything that you want to do’


**Claire’s point of view**


Holy fuck what have they done now? God I am going to kill them. I thought I could trust them but obviously not.

Just then they came running around the corner of my street and started towards me. Jessie and Louis running together laughing while about 100 girls were screaming after them. Jesus where had they come from? Let me just remind you that it is rain cats and dogs so I repeat. WHERE DID THEY BLOODY COME FROM???????????

‘LOUIS, JESSIE’ I screamed at them as they rushed up my drive way and pushed past me through the door. The girls were about 10 metres away so I quickly ran inside and slammed and locked the door.

I turned around to find Louis and Jessie laughing their heads off.

‘WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?’ I screamed at them but they just kept laughing.

‘What’s going on?’ said Niall as him, Hannah, Katie, Harry, Zayn, Ellie, Lucy and Liam all stuck their heads out of my door.

‘Oh that’s a great question, why don’t you ask these two morons?’ I stormed off down the hall, passed the others and into the kitchen.

I am soo pissed right now.

**Louis’ point of view**

Claire is really pissed. I watched her walk down the hall, the way she stomped her feet as she walked and how she was clenching her fists at her sides. I am so torn. On one hand I love having Jessie back and mucking around with her is the most fun I’ve had in ages and I’m starting to get this odd feeling in my chest but then being around Claire is making me so confused. I can’t help the way I notice everything that she does and how her long brown curls fall down her back. I’ve got a choice to make. Jessie or Claire???

‘God Lou what did you do to Claire?’ Harry asks me.

‘Well me and Lou went outside to ask some very nice girls directions to the nearest costume shop but then they started screaming and all these other girls turn up and has anyone seen my sandwich?’ Jessie said walking forward and heading back into Claire’s room. Lucy and Liam followed her and so did Katie, Harry and Ellie but Niall and Zayn stayed behind with me.

‘Louis I think you should go talk to Claire’ Zayn said.

‘Why?’ I asked them. I’ve done nothing wrong.

‘Louis, Claire really likes you and you just pissed her off and brought a million screaming girls to her front door’ Niall said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

‘Fine’ I said as I stomped back up the hall and into the kitchen. God I have to do everything around here. But there was one thought that was at the forefront of my mind. Did Claire really like me?

**Claire’s point of view**

I sat down on the couch and started sulking. I am very well known for my sulks. They can last for days at a time. I remember this one time, my parents had forbidden me from going to Ellie’s 15 birthday party so I had sat in my room for 8 days and just ordered pizza off my phone and had it delivered through my bedroom window.

I heard someone’s footsteps coming up behind me.

‘Go away’

‘No’ Louis answered coming around the couch so that he was standing in front of me. I didn’t meet his eyes as I continued to study the wall to my left.

‘What do you want Lou?’ I asked him turning back to meet his gaze. And I was trapped. Well not really but I just couldn’t look away from the blue eyes in front me.

‘Why are you mad at me?’ he asked but instead of answering I asked him another question.

‘What’s going on between you and Jessie?’

He just stared and me. Oh god I sound so stupid. I shouldn’t have said that but it’s something that has been bothering me. When I’m around Louis, my heart is beating faster and faster and I feel like the world is crumbling around me. But I bet he doesn’t feel the same way about me. I bet he just thinks I’m just some crazy fan who is all obsessed with him because he’s in One Direction. That’s not true, well it’s not true anymore. I mean I’ve been hanging out with these boys for about 2 hours and it is so obvious that they are really different from what everyone thinks they are. They can be serious, just very rarely and it doesn’t last long but as soon as you get to know them, even for as short a period as I have, you know that these are the sort of people you want in your life because they are true to their word and will not turn their backs on you. I think, no I know that I’ve fallen in love with Louis.

Then he did something that was totally unexpected.

He leant forward and pressed his lips onto mine.

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