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**Claire’s point of view**

I could hear the rain picking up outside. Louis and Jessie were out from under the bed after much swearing and shouting from me to FUCK UP AND ACT THEIR AGE!!!! I mean seriously they are both older than me and I have to act like a parent. And I’ve known these people for like 20 minutes.

**Lucy’s point of view**

OMG Liam is just so perfect and I think I’m in love. Well I’ve always known I was in love with Liam but now I’m 156% sure. When he had sat down next to me I had thought my heart was going to fall out of my chest. Then we would have seen just how good a doctor Katie really is.

‘So how did you girls all become friends?’ Liam asked

‘We all go to the same school and just sort of clicked together because of our love for certain music’ I said hoping he caught my drift. He flashed me another one of his amazing smiles and I think my heart melted.

‘Tell me about you?’ he asked, scooting a little closer so his leg was pressing against mine.

‘I guess I'm just your average 16 year old girl. I live with my family and them and my friends mean the world to me! I love to go out with the girls it doesn't matter where we go! I always have so much fun! I play tennis but apart from that don't really do that much other like sports! I like to draw, and have like heaps of sketchbooks just filled with drawing and sketches etc. It's all I really do with my spare time I guess!......’

‘That’s cool’ he said. Oh god he is soo... AHHHH I can’t think of any words to say.

‘So um Lucy’ he asked, looking away from me. Oh god what have I done now?

‘Will you go out with me tomorrow? Like I know we have just met and all but I feel really close to you. So what do you think?’

I was speechless. I couldn’t have said anything even if I had tried. LIAM PAYNE IS ASKING ME OUT. Only the guy whose poster I have kissed like a thousand times and who could have any girl on the planet!!!

‘Of course I will!!!!’ I answered. He reached over and brushed the hair out of my eyes.

‘Good’ he said as he leant forward and kissed me softy on the lips. I kissed him back, harder and I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair. This was just so perfect.

Then Jessie started singing.


‘JESSIE SHUT UP’ Liam and I screamed at her. He pulled away from me, his face red. I knew mine probably looked just as red because everyone was staring at us.

‘Wait a go man’ Harry said as the boys rushed forward to give him a high five. Seriously it’s not that big of an achievement. No wait yes it is!!!!!


**Claire’s point of view**

AWWWW that is so cute. Lucy and Liam were both bright red and afraid to look at one another. But they are like sooo in love. It’s cute.

Louis had sat down next to me and I turned to him, dropping his phone into his lap.

‘I think this belongs to you?’ I said as he picked it up.

‘Thanks’ he said, not sounding like his normal self.  He was staring at something over on the other side of the room so I followed his eyes and saw that he was staring at Jessie as she was talking to Ellie. Arrr does he like her?

‘Claire can we stay here tonight?’ Louis asked turning back to stare at me.


‘Sure’ I said trying to sound cool.

‘BOYS WERE STAYING HERE TONIGHT!!’ Louis screamed as loud as he could.

‘CAN I STAY AS WELL?’ Jessie shouted possibly even louder.

‘SURE’ I screamed louder than both of them. Hahahah I’m champion.

Everyone shouted ‘YAY!!!’

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