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**Claire's point of view** 

The car was black and hard to make out in the rain but I knew who it was. The only person who could make this day a whole lot worse.

My grandmother. A woman who hates me to my soul but dotes on my little sister like she is an angel from heaven. I hate her even more than Bella. Ever since I accidentally drowned her cat when I was 3 she's hated my guts. I mean it's not my fault. I thought it needed a bath. So I dunked it in the bucket of water that is always outside at her house and tried to get him clean.

Poor Mr Fluffy.

She parked the car and turned off the head light. Oh here we go. She'll probably not even notice I'm here. Mum has her check on us every few days to make sure that we don't throw a house party or something.

'What are you doing outside in the rain Claire?' she asked in an angry sort of tone. I hadn't realised that she had gotten out of the car and walked over to me. Now I know what you think. That she asked why I was out here because she was concerned for me. But wait for it...

'Seriously, girl now you'll walk mud all over the house and I'll have to clean it up. And what about your poor sister huh.... She is all alone in the house and who knows what could happen to her'.

Grandma walked over to the front door pulled out her spare key and walked inside. I could hear Bella shout from inside and laughter but I tuned it out. See none of my family gives a crap about me.

There was only one person I could turn to.

** Katie's point of view**

'When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight it just won't feel right cause I can love you more than this yeah'

I sang to myself. I love this song. It's soo cute and I love Harry soo much.  

I love his laugh, his smile, his eyes, everything about him but he doesn't know I even exist. I am nothing to him but he is everything to me.

I got up from my bed and walked over to my window. Wow I had been in my room for almost 2 hours. After Dad's 'big news' I had shut myself in my room and turned the speakers up on my computer to the loudest they can be and put on my feel better music, One Direction.

'Give you this, give you that, blow a kiss, take it back if i looked inside your brain I would find lots of things clothes shoes diamond rings stuff that's driving me insane' 

It's just not fair!!! I want Dad to be happy but does he have to get married. I mean Nicole is alright I just don't want her around all the time. She always treats me like a child when ever I see her. I'm mean I'm 15 she must know I'm not a kid any more.

My thoughts were interrupted by my twin brother, Dylan. He looks like me in a boyie sort of way. We both have the same shaped face and dark blue eyes and black hair but other than that we look nothing a like.

'Katie, Claire's at the door' Dylan told me, going a little red as he said her name. Man he has the cutest crush on her but I keep telling him to ask her out but he never does. She's lived next to us for 15 years and he still hasn't asked her. I'm the brave one in the family. You see a spider call for me and I'll squish it.

'KK' I told him. I turned the music down and followed him out the door and down the stairs. Dad was waiting at the bottom but I didn't look at him and hoped he understood that I was still very VERY mad. Down the hall and to the front door we went.  

Claire was standing in the door way, dripping wet, covered in mud and grass and holding her right leg up off the ground.

'Oh god Clairey. What happened?' I said rushing forward and putting my arm around her shoulders for support. She looked like she was about to faint. 

'Dylan help me' I told him and he helped my carry Claire into the kitchen. We sat her down in a chair and placed her foot up on a pillow on another chair.

'Go and get the first aid kit we have in the bathroom and some blankets' I told Dylan. He hurried off while I turned back to Claire and she explained what happened. God I knew her sister was evil but this was taking it one step to far. One thing I did notice was that she didn't say what they were fighting about so I made a mental note to ask her about it later.

'Here' Dylan said, coming back with the stuff in his arms. He wrapped the blankets around Claire's shoulders because she was freezing as I opened the first aid kit. I want to be a doctor when I'm older so I've been taking some classes in first aid so I knew what I was doing.

Her ankle was bruised but not broken, thank god. I've seen what she's like at hospitals and let me tell you it's not pretty. I wrapped her leg up tight and told her to keep her weight off it for a few days. I did a great job and I'm very proud as you can tell. While Dylan was getting his old pair of crutches from his room I helped Claire into mine. She sat down on the bed and I sat down in the chair at the desk.

'Can I tell you a secret?' she asked turning to face me. 

'Sure' I replied. We had been besties since forever and we always told each other everything. Me, Claire, Hannah, Ellie and Lucy.

'I was walking back from school when I found a phone on the side of the road' Claire told me. 

'Ok so did you call someone?' I asked. I was starting to get worried. Claire looked like she was about to cry. 

'Yeah I did'  

'So what they say?' 

'It was... It was...' she was getting close to crying I could tell.

'Claire its alright' I said, walking over to the bed and giving her a hug. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. 

'Katie you don't understand. Bella took the phone'  

'So we'll get it back' 

'Katie I think... I think... I think that it was Louis Tomlinson's phone'

Holy Fuck

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