Sooo this is chapter 1. Hope u like it!! This story is written in the main character Claire's  point of view but it changes quite a bit later on but I'll write at the top whose point of view it is.



*Claire's point of view*

 What a crap day of school. One maths test, a geography test and a tone of homework. So now I quess I know what I'll be doing with my Friday night, absolutely nothing, Actually I lie. My parents have gone away for the weekend so I have the joyous task of looking after my little sister Bella till Monday.  Shit my life sucks. 

Right now I'm walking back from the bus stop. It's a cold day in the middle of April. School started this week and all anyone can talk about is the boy band from Europe, One Direction. Five sexy beasts who break hearts as fast as my friend Ellie's dog breaks wind. They arrived in Australia yesterday and guess who doesn't get to go to their concert, oh right it's me!!

Because my parents aren't home they said that I can't go. It doesn't matter that they are all I think about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have loved One Direction ever since I first listened to What Makes You Beautiful cause it was the best song that I had heard in ages. Baby was seriously getting old. I'm their biggest fan, I mean I've got T-shirts, posters and the dolls for crying out loud but noooo I have to suffer the shame of being the only one without tickets. I'm sure there are a lot of other girls in Melbourne who missed out as well but I don't care about them. I am so sad right now/

Anyway back to walking. I started down my street with my phone in hand checking Twitter. Found out that  the 1D boys had spent the day at the shopping centre that just so happens to be right near where I live. Did they want to torment me further by being so close and yet so far away!!! I wish I could meet them even be in the same room as them but alas God will never answer my prayers. He never made me pretty like I asked or my nose smaller or even to make my sister disappear which wouldn't  be that hard to do since she is probably the dumbest 9 year old on the whole planet.

Holy dog poo (you know what I mean). Louis had just tweeted. I mean it actually says he posted it a few seconds ago. I never get to see that with the stupid time difference between here and London. Either I'm asleep or they are.

@Louis_Tomlinson Lost my phone has anyone seen it!!

Yeah I'll keep my eye out for it I thought to myself. Sarcasm very nice. My friends keep telling me that I need to be a bit more sarcastic and to 'live life' a little as they put it.

People at my school think I'm just Miss Teachers Pet and all that shit. I am sooooo not. Ok maybe a little. Wait a lot I'm such a nerd its not funny. Oh God I've gone off topic again, now where was I. Oh yes, Mr Tomlinson's Twitter.

I glance up from my phone and looked at the street before me. My street. The most boring place EVER!!

My house is a one story old town house and it's paint is white and fading. People who drive past always go 'Oh ah what lovely houses, sooo old fashioned'. Yeah I know try living in one. I have always said that if one day there was a really big storm then our house would fall over. My parents would reply by telling me to shut up and stop scaring my little sister.

I crossed the road and started to walk a little faster. Gotta be home by 4.00 Mum's orders. She calls every day at exactly 3 past 4 to make sure that I'm home and Bella is fine. It's like she doesn't trust me in the slightest.

Actually my parents don't trust me at all. Just because I skipped school and tried to get 1D tickets 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't have been discovered if my BFF Hannah hadn't posted on Facebook 'Lined up to get 1D tickets with Claire got her to skip school YaY!!! <3'

So of course my mum just happens to be on Facebook at the time so she rushed down to the Ticketek outlet we were at in her PJs and starts screaming at me to come with her RIGHT NOW!!!! All of the other girls were laughing and I felt like such a loser. That's why mum doesn't let me do anything.

To get back at her I unfriended her on Facebook. Hehehe I don't think she has noticed yet. Wait, what l, god Claire you sound like an idiot.  By the time my very long and detailed flashback was over I had reached my house. Oh what a joy!

An afternoon and night with the lump of play dough that is my sister and the a mountain of homework to boot. God I hate my life. As I was about to step onto my drive way to begin my journey to hell something caught my eye.

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