This is the last chapter before the epilogue :(


**Claire's point of view**

I held onto Louis' hand tightly as we walked through the airport. Th drive here had been a blur. We had quickly stopped off at Ellie's house then the boy's hotel to grab their stuff then a black car had met us outside of the hotel and had driven us to the airport. The whole way, I hadn't let go of Louis' hand once.

I didn't want to let him go. I didn't know wether it's because I love him or if its because if I do, then it will feel like he isn't real. That these last few days have all been a dream and I'm going to wake up in my bedroom and wish that it was all real.

I'm worried. I worry a lot so it's nothing new to me but I'm worried that Louis will forget about me. That he'll go back to London and date some beautiful model who is 10 times better for him then I am. I mean let's face it, there is a massive age difference between us. I'm 16 in September and he'll be 21 in December.

I guess I just have to face the fact that I'll probably be just some fling that he had for a few days and that he won't even remember my name when he gets off the plane.

'I would never forget about you' I heard Louis say and he gripped my hand tighter. This sent little tingles up my arm.

'How do you know what I'm thinking about?' I asked him.

He smiled down at me. Man I hate being short. I'm not that short, I'm taller than Ellie but I still had to tilt my head to look at him.

'Your saying your thoughts out allowed' he explained.

'Oh right, I only do that when I'm nervous. Sorry'.

'What are you apologising for?' he asked. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the others so that we were out of ear shot of them.

'Claire, how can you think that I will ever forget about you? I love you Claire and that will never change. Even if we're in different countries, or different planets it wouldn't matter. I will love you forever Claire'.

'Really?? You mean that?'.

'Of course I do' he said as he ran the back of his hand softly down by cheek.

'And I have no issue with age difference. I really don't care how old you are Claire! Well I guess if you were say 7 then things would be a bit weird but like maturity, love can be what ever age you chose'.

'So I guess since you plan on never going up then you don't care that we are 5 years apart?'

'I really couldn't care less' he said.

'Come on we'd better go. Liam's starting to stress' Louis said and we walked back to the others who had stopped when they realised that we were on longer with them.

They stayed together as the boys and Ellie's bags were checked in then through all the other security stuff. Speaking of security, I noticed that there we no security guards hanging around the boys, in fact, I hadn't seen any at all the last few days.

'Um Louis, where are the security guards?' I asked him.

'Why, do you think we need them?'

'No no no I was just wondering'.

'Well actually according to the fans and media, we left Australia early yesterday morning'.

I stared at him in shock.


'Yeah. Our manger thought that we might want to be left alone while we said goodbye to you girls'.

I gripped his hand tighter. We were nearing the gate where the boys were going to leave.

'Well I guess this is it' Liam said and we all came to a stop.

'See you guys' Ellie said, pulling all us girls into a big group hug.

'I'll miss you' she said to us and I could feel tears pricking in my eyes.

'We'll miss you too' Katie, Lucy, Hannah and I said.

'Zayn, you had better take care of Ellie' I said to him over Ellie's shoulder.

He nodded and when we pulled away from Ellie, she went to stand beside him, holding his hand tightly.

I hugged Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn and said that I would miss them. I turned to Louis and when my eyes met his I started crying and I ran to him and he pulled me into a tight hug.

'I don't want you to go' I said over and over between sobs.

He just held me tightly and stroked my hair. I pulled away from him and stared into his beautiful face. Would this be the last time I saw him? He was so perfect that I can't put into words how perfect he is. Seriously! I can never find the right word to describe him.

He leant forward and pressed his lips against mine. It was the sweetest and shortest kiss that we had ever had. I wanted more but I knew that I would never get it because there was on announcement over the loud speaker.

'Now boarding flight 3457 to London airport'.

He pulled his lips away from mine and pulled me into a bone crushing hug that would have hurt if I hadn't been hugging him back just as tightly.

'I love you Claire Grey' he whispered in my ear.

'I love you too Louis.

I let go of him and he walked away from me to catch up to the boys and Ellie. I went and stood beside Lucy, Hannah and Katie. Both Katie and Lucy were crying and I put my arm around them both.

I watched the boys until they disappeared from sight, wondering if I would ever see them again. We all turned around and started to head back outside when we heard running feet behind us. We all turned around as one to see Louis running back towards us.

'Louis what's wrong?' I asked him when he was close enough to hear me.

'Claire... I don't have....your phone number' he said through pants.

'Oh right, I don't have yours either' I said as I rummaged through my bag, finally finding my phone and I handed it to him as he gave his to me. I quickly typed in my number while he put his in my mine.

'Thanks love' he said, kissing me on the cheek then he ran back towards the plane.

I smiled as I watched him disappear. I would never forget the last few days. Never ever ever ever. I walked with the other girls through the airport. We were very quiet and didn't say much to each other.

As I neared the front doors I felt my phone vibrate in my bag. I opened it, grabbing phone out and saw that I have a new text.

From: My Sexy Ass Boyfriend 

I miss you already!! 

I love you, and I promise that I will see you again 

I could never forget about you Claire 

Never ever ever ever


P.S Zayn is already asleep and we haven't even taken off yet!!

I smiled to myself as I walked out of the airport. As I was walking I crashed into Katie who had been in front of me and who had stopped suddenly.

'Um guys, how are we suppose to get home?' she asked.

We hadn't thought of that. The black car that had dropped us off was long gone.

'Oh shit, what do we do?' Hannah asked.

'Hang on I have an idea' Lucy said, grabbing her phone out of her bag and clicking on one of her contacts as she held it up to her ear.

'Hey Jessie can I ask you for a big big favour...'

So that's the last chapter :( it took me 43 chapters to describe 4 days!! Epilogue will be up loaded soon, maybe and hopefully tomorrow.

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