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**Claire's point of view**

About 20mins after we called the girls they arrived. Hannah arrived first. She must have just come from horse riding. She was wearing tan jodhpurs, a navy polo and vest. Hannah loves riding! She rides all the time.

'Wow Hannah what did u step in??!!' Katie said as Hannah walked into my room.

She smelt like horse shit and trust me this wasn't just a quick whiff, this was a full on block your nose, cover your mouth and dunk your head in a bucket of perfume.

'Sorry guys' she said as she stepped back outside my door. Hannah acts all confident and sure of herself but deep down she is a shy person. Its sooo cute because when she is embarrassed, her checks go bright red.

'Here come with me' I said grabbing her hand and leading her down the hall.

Grandma and Bella were still watching TV. Whoops I forgot to ask if the girls can come over? Who cares!! I really don't need my Grandma's permission because I don't like or respect her. Everyone knows that you should respect your elders. Hahaha no!!!

I took Hannah to the bathroom and pushed her into the shower. I turned the water on cold and she got drenched.

'Holy fuck Claire what was that for?' she asked turning off the tap and pushing her sopping wet hair out of her face.

'I was trying to get rid of the smell' I told her trying not to laugh. Does she really not remember??

'That doesn't help by rid of the smell!!!' she screamed at me. I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing.


'You told us to do that' I told her through the laughter.

'Oh' she answered looking confused then embarrassed.

'Carry on then' she said, turning the water back on.

I laughed again and headed out the door. Silly Hannah!! She is very forgetful. I walked back through the kitchen and headed back up to my room.

Lucy had already arrived and was talking to Katie about tall black shoes. She was wearing a flowy dark grey top, some bright red jeans and a pair of strappy white sandals. Her long dark brown hair was tied back in a quick ponytail and she had only straightened the her two side fringes so that the rest of her hair was wavy. She looked just like her charming self.

'Daddy!!!!' I said running over to her and giving her a hug. Daddy is Lucy's nickname because she is in love with Liam Payne but in our group I'm normally the mommy because I'm the only one with a responsible bone in her body.

'Hello darling, would you mind telling me why I'm here because I can't get a word out of Katie' she turned and glared at Katie who only shrugged and beckoned for me to sit down next to her on the bed. Lucy was sitting in my desk chair across from us.

'Soooo' I asked her. 'How was it with your boyfriend today???'

She glared at me now. 'He is not my boyfriend, I hate him and he smells like feet!!'

I just laughed. Lucy had been stuck at a dumb family picnic all day and had to put up with her annoying family friend James. He is seven.

Just then the door bell rang.

'I'll get it' Katie shouted as she ran out the room. I heard the door open and a quick hello how are you, before Ellie and Katie walked back into my room.

Ellie was wearing a floppy white netty jumper, tight black jeans and hot pink doc martins. Her face was covered in more make up then a model and she had straighten her long blonde hair so that it fell down her back.

I got up and hugged her so did Lucy.

'I'm so sorry that you had to change your plans tonight' I told her.

'Its ok' she said. 'My dad had a meeting that he would have had to skip so he's happy he gets to go. And besides there'll be other times won't there?'. She didn't sound so sure.

'Of course DJ' Katie said using the old nickname DJ Malik that we started to call Ellie when she had just started to like Zayn.

We all sat down again. Me and Katie on the bed and Lucy in the desk chair while Ellie sat on her lap. Ellie is the shortest out of all of us but she is by far the scariest if you dare touch her face, hair or phone or mention the words I love Zayn Malik in a sentence. We all know that Zayn is Ellie's, Liam is Lucy's, Katie has Harry, Hannah's got Niall and I get Louis. This means that we never fight about who we like. Otherwise we'd end up killing each other.

'Where's Hannah?' Ellie asked

'In the shower' I replied. Ellie looked confuzzled for a second then she remembered.

'Was it bad?' she asked in a quiet tone.

'Horrible!!' I replied as Katie said 'Terrible!!'

We all laughed then and were still laughing when a now smelling nice Hannah walked in the room.

She had changed out of her horse riding stuff and was now wearing a purple jumper and black jeans. Her light brown hair was still wet and tied back in a bun.

'Claire hope you don't mind but your bathrooms is really wet' Hannah said as she dumped her stuff on the floor in the corner.

'Hey Lucy. Hey Ellie'

'Hey' they replied back.

'Claire what happened to your foot?' Lucy asked.

'Tripped and landed in mud' I replied. 'Don't worry Dr Katie fixed me right up' I said smiling at Katie.

'It seems that you are feeling better because your not using the crutches like I told you' she said

I just continued to smile at her. I felt fine.

Alright now to get down to business.

'So' I said

'I called you all down here for a reason and a very important reason, so do you swear that what ever happens in this room STAYS in this room'

They all nodded.

'While I was walking home this afternoon I found a mobile phone in the side of the road and like a good person I picked it up and decided to dial one of the numbers to find out who it belongs to so I could give it back. So I rang one of the contacts and found out that I have LOUIS TOMLINSON'S FUCKING PHONE!!!!'

Lucy, Hannah and Ellie were all staring at me as if I had gone mad. Katie was smiling like an idiot. Then Lucy, Ellie and Hannah burst out laughing.

'Hahah yeah right' Lucy said still giggling.

'Yeah good one' Ellie said

'We're not stupid you know'

Oh my god they don't believe me. My best friends don't believe me. They think I'm just pulling some stupid prank.

'Guys she's serious' Katie said softly. I looked at her. At least someone believes me.

'Oh so she's got you in on it too Katie' Hannah cried laughing harder. Now I was mad. Katie had believed me straight away so now I have to explain myself to these poofs.

'Fine I'll show you' I said grabbing Louis phone and clicking on Harry's number. All of them stopped laughing and listened.

Bring Bring Bring Bring

'Hello Claire'

I looked at the girls faces. They were white as sheets and were all wide eyed. Ha now they know I'm right.

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