Hey just me wanted to let you know who my friends are based on. If you've read A life with One Direction or Kidnapped by One Direction or One Direction Infection or Niall Horan's secret twin then you'd know my friends and I wanted to include them in my story but I changed their names 

Claire- Me (Sarah) 

Katie- Emilia 

Jessie- Elise 

Lucy- Laura 

Ellie- Molly 

Hannah- Jemima


**Dylan's point of view**  

Claire is the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen I thought to myself as I walked in to Katie's bedroom and they were laughing their heads off. I have loved Claire for years but I've never had the courage to do anything about it. Because Claire deserves someone better than me. If we were ever to get together how long would it last? How long before my time was up?

Very few people know that I have cancer. My family knows and a few people at school but that's it. The doctors say that I probably won't live to be 21 so there is no possibility that Claire and I could ever have a future together even if she did feel the same way about me.

'Dylan there you are' Katie said walking over to me and taking the crutches out of my hand. She handed them to Claire. 

'How do you feel?' I asked Claire. 

'I'm ok' she answered, getting up from the bed and leaning on the crutches for support. God she is so beautiful! If only I could tell her how I feel and she would love me back.

**Claire's point of view** 

The crutches worked fine. My ankle was starting to feel a bit better and my mind was full of thoughts of our plan. Bella you'd better watch out. But then what? What should we do once we have the phone back? I've just got to be brave and call again.

'Shall we go?' I asked Katie 

'We shall!!' she answered walking out of the room. I followed her. Dylan was watching us leave with an odd expression on his face. 

'Thanks for the crutches' I told him. Was it just my imagination or did he blush? He is such a softie, always helping those in need.

'Come on' Katie called already at the front door.  

The rain had stopped which was good so we were able to get to my house without getting wet.

A bonus was that in the excitement of seeing Bella, Grandma had forgotten to lock the front door so it was all to easy to slip inside. Once we were standing in the hallway we put our plan into action.

'Ok I'll get the doll while you keep your sister out of her room' Katie told me. 

'Alright' I said hopping down the hallway and into the kitchen.  

Grandma and Bella were sitting on the couch talking about birds while they watched Toy Story 3 on Channel 9. I looked around the room, hoping to see the phone lying on the table or something but nooooo, again God is making my life harder. I hopped over in front of them and cleared my throat. 

'As you can see I'm back'  

'Yeah, yeah, yeah move out of the way, we're trying watch the movie' Grandma barked 

Not so much as a how are you? How's your leg feeling? Wow keeping them here will be easier than I thought. I sat down in a chair at the table and rested the crutches against it. God I hope Katie got the doll. Just then I got a text. 

Katie- Got it!!!!! Lead the little bitch into your bedroom and make sure she has the phone 

Me- Ok 

'Bella, can I show you something in my room?' I asked her putting on my cutest baby voice. 

'What?' she asked still not taking her eyes off the screen. 

'Oh just a new Justin Bieber video cli.....' 

'HOLY CRAP HE MADE A NEW VIDEO CLIP, WHICH SONG!!!!!!' she shouted jumping up and running to my bedroom. I got up quickly and followed.

**Bella's point of view** 

Another video clip.  


I love Justin sooooo much. He is soooo talented and so much better than stupid One Direction. I don't understand why Claire is so obsessed with them. I hate their guts and I don't think they can sing at all. Not like my Justin. Some day I'm going to be Mrs Bieber.

I ran into her bedroom in a flash. All the lights were off and I couldn't see a thing but I could hear Claire coming up behind me. Then a voice spoke out of the darkness and I reconsied it as Katie's, my sisters stupid friend. 

'BELLA GREY!!' she screamed at me. I just stood there. Was this supposed to scare me? 

'I'm not going to give back the phone and you don't scare me'  


Haha they think that would scare me. Claire would never be able to find him. Just then the lights switched on and I saw Katie and Claire standing together in front of me. Katie was holding Grandma's lighter up to Justin's head.  

'Noooooooooooo!!!!' I screamed, running forward but Claire pushed me back. 

'Give us back Louis' phone and we'll give you back your dolly' Claire said a smirk on her face. 

'Fine' I said reaching into my pocket and pulled  the IPhone out. I held the hand with the phone out and Claire took it while Katie gave me Justin back. 

'Baby!!!' I screamed and I ran out of her room and took Mr Bieber back to where he belongs.

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