Chapter 35- Niall What The Hell Are You Wearing?

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Hello Directioners

Wow I never thought I would reach 35 chapters and there is still heaps more to come!!!!!

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**Still Claire's point of view**

I hung up on Jessie and put my phone on the bed side table. I sank down onto the edge of my bed.

What was I going to do? Would Louis believe me? Would he listen to me?

I looked around my bedroom and sighed. I should probably clean it up. I don't him want to see what a mess I am. I quickly grabbed everyone's clothes and threw them under the bed to join all the other junk that had been there for a long long long time. I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and quickly cleaned my face and added a small amount of make up.

I has just enough time to ran back to my bedroom before I heard the door bell ring.

**Hannah's point of view**

Last night had been on of the best nights of my life. Well after the whole thing with Harry and Claire. I trust Claire and I'm sure that they'll figure this all out. But as I was saying last night was like the best night of my life.

Niall came over after I had been dropped off at my place and we spent all night just mucking around, watching movies, eating lollies and just talking. Talking non stop about I don't know, what we like, what are our dreams and stuff like that.

I now feel so close to Niall. I feel like I really know him and that he now knows me.

I fell asleep with Niall's arms wrapped around me and his breath, warm against my neck.

Lucky my dad didn't interrupt us but my brother had banged on the door quite a few times to tell us to shut up.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch playing absentmindedly with the remote control. Niall was getting changed into some of my brothers old clothes. They were about the same size so I had just grabbed them out of my brother Ben's bedroom.

It was taking Niall a really long time to get changed.

I started when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into my brother's brown eyes that are so much like mine. That's about the only thing that is the same between us. He has really dark brown hair and he wears braces because unfortunately he got my dad's teeth where as I got my mum's straight teeth, Yay!

My brother is the one that mainly looked after me when I was little. When my mum died Dad realised that he had to raise two kids on his own then kind of just forgot about us. So Ben and I had to make our own way to school, doctors, horse riding or anywhere we had to go. It got easier when Ben got his license so we didn't have to catch buses everywhere.

Dad's normally too busy entertaining his girlfriend who I just can't stand so I never bothered to get to know her.

'I didn't hear you come in' I said to him as he sat down next to me.

'That's because I have the stealth of a ninja and you don't'

I shrugged. That's sort of true.

'What was happening last night? I heard a lot of noises coming from your bedroom. I thought that maybe one of the girls was sleeping over or something. But there wasn't as much giggling as there normally is' Ben asked raising his eyebrow at me.

Man I wish I could do that! Lift one eyebrow. I have tried but it just looks like I'm in pain.

'Well let's say that, hypothetically I had fallen in love and lets just say that hypothetically they weren't like the guys that I have dated in the past'.

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