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**Jessie's point of view**

'Niall just admit that we're lost' I begged him. He just shook his head and kept his eyes on the road even though there were no cars around us.

We had been arguing for the last 10mins and still Niall won't listen to me. We're suppose to be going to Hannah's horsing riding but she fell asleep almost as soon as we started and hasn't been much help with directions. I tried waking her up but she punched me in her sleep, right in the face and my nose started bleeding. Since then we haven't been too keen on trying to wake her up again. But the only directions she gave us was to go straight and that's what Niall has been doing for the last hour.

'Niall please lets look it up in a map or something. I really don't think she meant to go straight all the way there. I mean how many journeys have you ever been on that go in a straight line?' I asked him.

'Jessie I am doing what Hannah said and she said to go straight. Have you ever been to this place before?'

I shook my head.

'Well then we both have no idea where we're going so we listen to what Hannah said'.

I turned to look out of the window. Nothing but trees and cows stared back at me.

Bella had better done what I asked her to do. There hadn't been enough time to check when we had gotten back to Claire's house. Everyone just kind of swapped cars and off they went. Now I'm starting to wonder if locking Claire in the bathroom really accomplished anything. I mean I didn't get to go to the city so there was no alone time between me and Lou so was there any point at all. I guess I can't wait to see Claire's face when we let her out of the bathroom.

What you have got understand is that I'm not a mean person. I'm not normally like this at all. Normally I'm a lot more care free, loving life but I have just been so jealous lately that I haven't been the person that I really am. I guess the others must hate me. I don't want them to hate me. I'm just a loud, crazy person, it's who I am. When we get back I promise that I will not be such a bitch to the others and I'll start being nicer to Claire. Maybe...

I guess I have to just face the facts that she's got Louis now and she makes him happy. And it would just be awkward if Louis and I started dating. We would never take it that seriously. But if Claire breaks his heart, I will squish her like a bug.

My thoughts were interrupted by Niall.

'Um Jessie should the car be slowing down?'

I looked up and noticed that indeed the car was slowing down and drew to a stop in the middle of the road.

'Holy shit Niall what did you do?' I asked him, panicked.

'Nothing I swear. It just started slowing down'

I scanned the dash board.

'We've run out of fuel' I told him as I undid my seat belt.

'What are to you going?' he asked me, undoing his seat belt too.

'Well we had better move the car to the side of the road, otherwise some one will hit us'.

I got out of the car and Niall followed suit. Together we pushed the car onto the side of the road then I climbed back inside.

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