This scene takes place before the last chapter, early in the morning. You'll understand what I mean when you start reading.


**Jessie point of view**

I pulled into the car park at Crown and parked my car near the exit. I've been to Crown a few times but I had never stayed at the hotel so I had no idea how to find the boys room. I had texted Louis to say that I was coming but he hasn't texted back yet. I entered Crowd and I found a lady who works there. I asked her where the hotel part of Crown is and she told me and now I'm standing outside the door of the boys room.

I took a deep breath and entered. No point in knocking, Louis already knows who it will.

There was a big lounge room, kitchen and a hallway that must have lead to the bedrooms.

'LOUIS!!' I called out but got no answer.


'Here' I heard him call.

I headed up the hall and opened the door to the first bedroom. Nope he's not in there. I tried each of the rooms with no luck until I came to the last door. I opened it and there was Louis, sitting on the ground in the corner, staring the floor, carrot in hand as he munched on it.

His eyes were all puffy and red and he hadn't changed out of the clothes from last night. It was obvious that he hadn't sleep as there were dark circles under his eyes.


He looked up as I walked in and slammed the door shut.

'What the hell do you think you're doing? Holy crap your acting like a girl. You can't just lock yourself away, eat chocolate, watch The Bold and the Beautiful, and cry, because the movies are wrong. It just makes you feel fat. Look I know that what happened is pretty fucked, but she loves you just as much as you love her. I can tell. It's not true. That she loves Harry.

I don't know of Harry really does have feelings for Claire but trust me I think Claire hates Harry's guts after this. I mean have you ever seen the two of them GETTING ALONG?'

He shook his head.

'Look if you're trying to prove that you're not homosexual, it's not working because you're acting like a bloody girl right now so just fuck up and be a man. Or do what men do when their sad, go to a club, get drunk and do something you will really regret... but don't actually do that 'cause right now you need to get your ass off that ground, pull yourself together, have a shower because your starting to smell and get yourself to Claire's to get your girlfriend back. GOOOOO!!!!!'

He didn't move.

'Louis? I said get up!!!! If you don't go then I will unleash my Chinese fox wolf with a heart made of stone on you!'

'I guess your right. I should go' he said, his voice low.

'Guess!!! You know I'm right. So get up off your bum and go and see your girlfriend.' I said as I grabbed his hand, pulling him up.

'Ok I'm going to go and get changed' he said and he grabbed some clothes from his suitcase, and headed into the bathroom.

I sat down on his bed and started playing Draw Something with my cousin in America.

Louis came out a few minutes later, fully dressed, hair brushed, teeth cleaned and ready to go.

'Jess can I borrow your car?' he asked.

'Sure, can I have some money to go shopping?'

He reached into his pocket and pulled out 5 $100 notes. I stared open mouthed as he held them out to me.

'Will this do?' he asked.

I nodded, sunned. I took the money and put it in my pocket and gave him my car keys.

'Just make sure you remember to come and pick me up'

'Ok I will' he said and together we walked out of the hotel room.

**Claire's point of view**

Present time

I opened the door to see Louis standing there.


'Hey' he answered.

'Want to come in?' I asked him.

'Sure' he answered and I lead him into my bedroom.

'Look Louis...' I started to say when we were in my bedroom but he interrupted me by pulling me close to him and kissing me.

I was stunned for a moment then I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

I pulled away and stared at him.

'What? I thought you hated me!'

He smiled slightly.

'Jessie came by this morning and talked some sense into me in a very Jessie sort of way. Then on the way here, Harry rang me and explained everything. I'm sorry that last night I didn't give you a chance to explain and that I thought you had cheated on me'

'Louis I never had any feelings what so ever for Harry. I love you Louis and I would never ever ever cheat on you with anyone'

'You love me?' he asked wide eyed.

'Of course I do you idiot' I answered, pulling him in for another kiss.

 He quickly crashed his lips onto mine, crash was definitely the right word to use it was a mix of tongues, lips and teeth colliding. But things slowly settled down and got in more control as Louis began slowly biting on my bottom lip, the kiss broke away for only a spilt second before Louis lips were pressed against mine once more, he tasted strongly of chocolate with a hint of carrots. Normally this wouldn't be the most amazing taste.. But it was Louis for freaks sake! Louis always tasted and smelt amazing! I brushed my tongue against his bottom lip before he slowly granted me access and I explored throughout his mouth our tongues continuously battling for dominance..

He pushed me back and together we fell onto my bed. Louis was on top of me and we probably would have gone a bit further than kissing if it wasn't for my bedroom door flying open.

'CLAIRE GREY!!!!! One, why is there bras, undies and posters all over the front yard?Two, where is my car?And finally, who is the boy WITH HIS TONGUE IN YOUR MOUTH!??????'

'Hi Mum, um your home early...' I muttered, against Louis' mouth.

Thankyou to LauraPaynexxx for writing the kissing scene for this chapter!

Just finshed watching Olly Murs singing 'Heart Skips a Beat' with Niall.

Quick question, why was he on the toliet??????

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