Chapter 26

So this chapter isn’t very long I just kind of promised a friend that I’d write her a scene with Harry, so this chapter is a texting convocation between Harry and Katie. Hope u like it!!! H is Harry and K is Katie.


H- Hiiiiii Katie

K- Hey

H- I’m bored

K- And????

H- Nothing I just felt like a chat

K- Ok, where are u??

H- Still in the car

K- I know that but where r u outside of the car???

H- um, how the hell would I know?? Hang on I’ll ask Lucy

K- k

H- She said on the freeway

K- How did you not know you were on the freeway???

H- I don’t know, I’m not the one driving

K- Harry you’re an idiot

H- I know but that’s why you love me!!!

K- Hey I never said I loved u

H- :(

K- owwww don’t be upset, of course I love u

H- :)

K- Wat should I wear today???

H- Your asking me for fashion advice???

K- Oh right forgot who I was talking to

H- That’s not very nice

K- Can u just ask Lucy??

H- k

H- She said ‘Big black shoes, red jeans and that new top you brought the other day’

K- ok tell her thanks

K- Can I ask you something?

H- You just did

K- hahah very funny, no can I ask u why u like me so much?


H- Because I just do

K- Harry a proper answer would be nice

H- alright um

K- Harry????

H- hey Katie its Niall how u doin???

K- Good where’s Harry?

H- He’s here but I stole his phone off hi......guwqwdjcvweof b fidduvdojve

K- Niall wats going on?

H- Oh nothing Harry’s just fighting Niall for the phone

K- Then who’s this??

H- IT’s LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HIIIIIIIII!!!!!

K- Hi Louis

H- You see now I have the phone. Niall kind of chucked it and I caught it. Now it’s just me and you

K- your weird

H- Why thankyou!!!

H- Katie its Harry

K- Hi again

H- Sorry about that, the boys stole my phone

K- That’s ok

 H- Soooo wat were we talking bout???

K- I asked u why u liked me?

H- oh yeah um.....

H- It’s because whenever I look at u I get this warm feeling in my chest and I can never get u off my mind. Your smile lights up the room and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You’ve got an amazing personality and u never stop surprising me.

K- awwwwwwww Harry, I love you xoxoxox

H- Love you too

K- Do u know wat time ur coming back?

H- we just pulled into Lucy’s man she has a big house

K- yeah I know

H- We’ll probably be back in about an hour or so

K- K I’ll c then

H- k c u oxoxoxoxox

K- bye xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

I’ll try and update later though I’ll defiantly update tomorrow


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