Chapter 35

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Hey readers,

From reading your comments it seems that a lot of you thought the chapter was a let-down, which I apologise for but I needed to have the opportunity to get into what this chapter is about. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy it but it’s what I was going for and to be honest I was happy with it enough to put it up for you guys.

Thanks to all of you that are voting, commenting and reviewing my work since it really does make me enjoying writing the story so thanks again.

Hope you enjoy the chapter, sorry for any errors.

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Zoe’s Pov

I didn’t get far until I felt myself tumble to the ground as my legs gave away under me, a pair of long canines digging into the back of my neck as a large wolf pinned me down with ease. I didn’t like how unaware I had been with my surroundings, but the feel of my mate’s wolf on top of mine more than made up for it. I was in both heaven and hell, and loving it.

I let my mind cloud over with lust, needing a distraction as I whimpered and purred from underneath him, knowing that he wouldn’t be happy that I ran but knowing that he would hopefully understand my reason why. I needed to get away, my brother may not have meant it but it had hurt more than I liked to care to admit. He was the only person I considered to be my family, even if others shared the same blood as I did. As far as I was concerned they deserved to lose the lot of it, they could bleed to death for all I cared.

I was brought back to the present when I felt his large form move slightly, effectively mounting me as I could literally smell the pheromones he was giving off as I felt myself begin to pant as my wolf went crazy for it. We had waited far too long, I knew that now, but I couldn’t help but buck my back legs slightly as I tried to get closer to him. He growled at me warningly after my more than suggestive action, his saliva coating my fur which only fuelled to spark my lust instead of diminishing it like I would have thought.

I wanted to hear him I thought with a frown, wanting to listen to his thoughts as he mounded me in a way that made my wolf howl in pleasure and anticipation since she knew what was going to happen next. I knew that there was no way in hell that he was going to leave me without mating with me right here and now. I didn’t care that it was in the middle of the woods, that my clothes were shredded and that it was rushed and unromantic. I wanted him, it was as simple as that and I would not be letting him go until I got what I wanted.

I felt his canines dig deeper as he held me down, his teeth breaking through my fur but not my skin. I wouldn’t have minded, honestly the thought made me shiver in pleasure and delight at him marking me so soon in the game. He was my mate after all, not to mention I wanted him just as much as he clearly wanted me.

I wanted to phase but I didn’t dare with his teeth so close to me neck, my body shifting and squirming under his wolf as it only seemed to turn him on more. His thick coat brushing against mine as a constant growl-like-purr rumbled in his chest as he rubbed himself against me, coating me in his scent as he held me still as if I wanted to be anywhere else other than here.

Snarling I tried to buck him off, wanting to phase back into my human form only for his grip on me to tighten as he growled at me possessively. I resisted the urge to snort; there was no way in hell that he was ordering me about. If he thought that I would just be a submissive female to him then he had another thing coming, I would be his equal and nothing else, even if his possessiveness and dominant side turned me on beyond belief.

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