Chapter 19

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Hunter’s Pov

I cringed when I heard the pure anger in my mates voice, and if I wasn’t so focused on how everyone in the room seemed to pale at both her comment and tone I would have taken in how my mates form seemed to tremble before she managed to get a grip of her emotions. 

“Everyone this is Zoe, my mate” I introduced as I wrapped an arm around my mates waist, her eyes focused on her parents as pure anger radiated from her every pour. I cringed yet again; this is not how I wanted this meeting to go. I had planned to introduce her to my parents, keep her calm before attempting to approach the topic of her staying the night or moving into a spare room at the least. But I knew that idea was blown out of the water since the last thing I had wanted was for my angel to feel pressured, plus I couldn’t exactly approach the subject now since she was looking at me as if it was my fault the idiots were here!

Once Zoe’s pathetic excuse of parents finally snapped out of it they plastered fake smiles on their faces, though I could see the wheels turning in their heads as they clearly recognised the girl by my side as the daughter they had made a rouge. If they were any other parents they would be as pleased as hell that there daughter had mated with the alpha, but I could tell from how uneasy they held themselves under our gazes that there past was catching up with them. My eyes held threats and promises; they would suffer to the pits of hell when I was finished with them.

“Urm, hello dear” my mother greeted, sounding as if she was conflicted on whether to feel fear or excitement at meeting Zoe for the first time. She somehow seemed to be feeling both while my father was studying my mate, taking in whether or not he approved that she would soon be the alpha female of the pack. It’s not it would stop me seeing and marking her if he said she wasn’t good enough for the position, but it would be nice to have his blessing for me to mate with her even if it wouldn’t stop me if I didn’t.

“Leave” I growled at Zoe’s parents, my voice rumbling through-out the pack house as my tone left no room for discussion. The couple quickly left, though not before shooting warning glares in my mates direction causing me to snarl furiously at them, fare to say they ran the rest of the way. It was too late if they expected her not to talk about what they did, I knew thanks to Jack and I would not be forgetting it any time soon that was for sure.

“Fucking bastards” I heard her mutter as she relaxed slightly against me, though she was still tense as she eyed my parents through narrowed eyes. I sighed; this is not how I wanted this to go at all.

“Mum, Dad this is Zoe. Zoe these are my parents Tom and Stella” I introduced as I pulled her towards the table, pulling out her chair as she took a seat. I was as nervous as hell as I raked my fingers through my now messy hair, so much for giving a first good impression I thought bitterly. Yet another thing to hate her parents for, I mean why did they have to arrive back today of all days?

“Hello Zoe, it’s nice to finally meet you” My mother greeted as she shuffled further to my father as she did so, obviously worried about my mates reaction.

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