Chapter 7

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Zoe’s Pov

I smirked as I watched my pathetic excuse for a sister stare at me with a stunned expression as she fell to the ground from my blow, amusement running through me as well as a sick sense of pride as I saw the red imprinted mark of my hand on her right cheek. Serves her right for talking about my mate like he was hers, I may hate the idiot right now but my wolf had acted out before I could realise what was happening, I was just thankful I managed to close my eyes and calm myself before they flashed and everyone had found out. I had never had so much trouble controlling my anger before, but this whole mate thing was new to me and completely out of my safety zone.

I ran a hand through my slightly wind-swept locks as I walked away, hating myself for thinking about how incredibly ravishing my mate looked standing on the field as his scent drifted into my senses. My inner wolf was screaming at me to run to him, to press my lips against his in a way that would show him just who he belonged to…I shook the possessive thoughts from my head, well I just made this a whole lot more complicated I thought with a wince.

The following day nothing was new to begin with, I had reluctantly forgiven Jack since it really wasn’t his fault but the dick who had now spread my life story around the school was lucky I was trying to keep the fact I was a shifter out of everyone’s knowledge.

I wonder if he would accept me if he thought I couldn’t shift I thought curiously to myself, my train of thought hatefully going back to the man who appealed in both my dreams and thoughts. I cringed, of course he wouldn’t!

Give him a chance, you know you can’t deny him forever my wolf pleaded with me, her comment nothing I hadn’t heard before in the last few days. I sighed as I made my way into the wolf ridden school, at least I didn’t have to worry about humans I thought as I tried to look on the practically non-existent bright side.  

“Did you hear she’s the Zoe Greenwood”

“Why does our alpha keeping looking at her like that, are they mated?”

“I can’t believe it, did you hear about what she did to…”

I pursed my lips irritated as my sensitive hearing picked up on the whispers around me, the gossipers not knowing I could hear each word perfectly as they tried not to stare at me in-case I gave them the same treatment as I gave my slut of a sister.

As I chewed on the gum in my mouth I took my time getting to my first class, the fact I was the missing Greenwood as everyone was calling me was around the whole school now much like I expected it to be. Damn you twit I internally snarled as I thought about the boy whose fault this was, well I know who was just added themselves my mental list of pain I thought with a scowl.

The beginning of the morning was lame to say the least, though the scared looks I got when they mentioned the insistent with Stacy made me smirk slightly. Due to her being what they still considered the only female shifter in the school none of the girls had acted out like I had, to scared for the consequences it would bring to them or their mates.

As I tapped my nails on the table I found myself looking out the window, only to be greeted with the males as they took their lessons which shifting was necessary in. I sighed as I looked out, there was nothing wrong with me watching a bunch of muscly blokes walk around shirtless was there?

So that’s what I did, I sat there and watched them as I ignored what the teacher was saying. At least being mated to the alpha meant that they left me alone, not that I was thinking about him or anything…

“Hey…can I sit here?” a girl asked nervously bringing me out of my daydream as I looked next to me to find the blonde girl from yesterday standing there nervously. I tilted my head to the side, clicking my tongue before using my foot to push the chair out from under the table.

“Knock yourself out” I winked before looking back out the window, my back stiffening as I spotted my shirtless hunk of a mate in nothing but a pair of shorts as he stood next to the teacher. “Well hello gorgeous” I purred as I stared out the window, what? he may be a jerk but even I couldn’t bring myself to deny the fact he was the single hottest bloke I had ever seen.

“Urm…” hearing the girl next to me become even more nervous I looked around to find her grinning so hard I thought her face was going to break. I raised a brow, please don’t tell me I had let a mentalist sit next to me, that was the last thing I needed to add to my current list of problems.

“You alright?” I asked carefully, getting a squeal in return causing the teacher to stop and look our way, when she saw the girl was talking to me she immediately went back to teaching leaving me to enjoy the perks of the jerk being my mate.

“Yep, I’m Ellie by the way” she smiled, holding her hand out for me to shake.

“Please, a girl who can whoop like you can deserves a high-five at least” I smirked, remembering her reaction to my stunt yesterday causing her to grin as we smacked hands in a completely childish manner. Neither of us seemed to care though, me introducing myself next.

“I’m Zoe, you’ve probably gotten most of my life from the rumours” I winked, I seemed to be doing that a lot lately I thought.

“Like I care about that, but I also know your Hunters mate” she said carefully, waving off my comment before talking about this Hunter bloke with a more cautious tone. Who the hell is Hunter?

“What?” I found myself asked, my brows raised in a gesture which clearly stated I had no idea what she was going on about.

“Hunter, your mate, the alpha” she giggled at my naïve self as I sucked in a breath before snorting when I realised who she was talking about.

“Well talk about being thick” I told myself as I slapped my forehead  causing her to lose it laughing, I couldn’t help but smile at the short girls antics as she tried to calm herself only to look at me and start laughing all over again.

“Your funny, we are going to get along just fine” she smiled and I found myself returning it, she seemed like the shy type but I couldn’t help but think that appearances didn’t prove anything. “So I hear why you slapped the skank” she asked causing my face to scrunch up at the mention of my sister.

“Aren’t you meant to worship her or something?” I asked with a raised brow, my nails still drumming on the desk just to piss the teacher off more. I could tell she was going to snap at any minute and I couldn’t wait to see what her reaction would be, with me being considered a dangerous rouge and such thanks to the rumours around school. That one though I didn’t mind, I liked people fearing me it meant they kept their distance.

“Like I would worship her, the only thing that impresses me in a sick kind of way is the fact that she isn’t pregnant yet” she snorted causing me to grin, I like this girl she had spunk.

“You can’t be that surprised though can you, the guys who are desperate enough to go to her are obviously smart enough to wrap up there shit” I smirked causing her to grin in my direction, that was until she seemed to gaze out the window next to me. “So which ones yours?” I asked, knowing that she would assume I could tell she was mated by the dreamy look on her face and not that fact I could smell the strong aroma of a male on her.

“The beta Collin, him” She stated proudly pointing out the window to see an equally good-looking guy standing next to my man. Wait hold up…please tell me I did not just think of him as mine!

“He’s delicious, I bet he knows just how to please you doesn’t he?” I winked and laughed when I saw her blush profoundly, yep we were going to get on like a house on fire. 

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