Chapter 16

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Zoe’s Pov

I held his stare as he stared at me shocked, my eyes must have been completely blank due to the completely stunned expression on his face. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would assume it was me who did it, part of me hoping he wouldn’t come to conclusions as to shatter the trust I had already started to build up with him.

“Holy shit”


“Is she serious?”

Murmurs whispered around the hall, the entire pack staring in my direction as I kept a blank face. Sure blame the rogue why don’t they? Did they seriously have that much of an issue with me, to blame me for something they had no proof that it was me who done it?

“YOU” I think it was Josh shouted as me, pointing his finger at me accusingly causing me to raise a brow in his direction unimpressed.

“Who me?” I asked innocently, ok I won’t deny the fact I was purposely trying to wind him up. It wasn’t a secret to me that I had a sick sense of humour, and by the way his eyes narrowed I saw it was working just fine.

“I knew we shouldn’t have trusted her! She is a rouge after all” he spat only to have my mate grab him by the collar of his shirt. Did I mention that my mate was fuck hot when he was angry, because he is and at that moment as I watched his eyes flash with his inner wolf he was the hottest I had seen him. Hello gorgeous…

“Call her a rouge one more time and see where you end up” Hunter snarled in his face, Hannah tensing as she stared at her mate with panic and worry.

“Don’t worry Hannah” I smiled, seeing her relax just slightly but her eyes remained on her mate. I couldn’t exactly blame her, hell she was in near tears at the scene in front of her.

“Get the bitch Hunter; she burned my parents’ house down!” Stacy screeched causing me to roll my eyes, sighing I leaned on my hand as I continued to watch the scene pan out in front of me. Could she have been any more dramatic?

“Stacy, we don’t know that” Hunter snarled, obviously not liking the fact his obsession had called me a bitch. Hope bloomed in my chest at the thought of him trusting me enough not to just jump to conclusions, even if I had been the one who burned the bloody house down so what? The fact they had immediately jumped to me said a lot about how untrusted I really was, I didn’t know how to feel about that realisation.

“Of course we do, it’s obvious” she continued to screech, I was actually impressed that she never seemed to give herself a headache with all that screaming.

I continued to listen to them argue it over, Jack staring at me with an amused expression. Whatever they may think I didn’t actually burn the house down and my brother was completely aware that if I did want to take revenge on my so-called parents then I would serve as the reaper and just kill them. It may sound cruel, but I had the attitude of a rouge after all so it was hardly my fault for my line of thinking.

Sighing I ran a hand over my face before continuing to enjoy my lunch, my pleasant hum running through the canteen as everyone looked at me with expressions of both amusement and disbelief as I continued eating my lunch. I was hungry and I had already paid for it, unlike most in the hall I didn’t have daddies credit card to afford to waste on my hearts desires…not that I would take it if it was offered to me, like I would want to owe that man anything!

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