Chapter 9

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Zoe’s Pov

“Hunter” I replied flatly, trying to keep the all emotion from my tone. I managed it, but I couldn’t help but feel like shit when I saw his face fall before he managed to blank it. UH, why was I feeling this way? I should hate him, despise him even, yet however much I tried I couldn’t help but feel myself falling for him.

“Zoe!” I was snapped out of my thoughts when Ellie called my name, a smile forming on my lips as I scanned over the table to find my new grinning friend. The whole friend thing was new to me, but I knew whether I liked it or not I couldn’t exactly pick up and leave like I had planned since the mating pull would be too strong, especially since we both had potent alpha blood running through our veins.

“Hey girl” I grinned, looking for a seat only to find the only empty one happened to be next to Hunter. I sighed, nipping at my lip before shrugging and taking a seat next to the fine specimen also known as my mate.

“What took you so long?” Ellie asked as she leaned on her mates shoulder, my eyes trailing over the blonde haired boy in a judging manner as I didn’t bother to hide the fact I was blatantly looking him over. From the growl which rumbled in the very pissed off Hunter’s chest I bit my lip as I glanced at his expression, him being pissed off was an understatement.

As I tried to subtly glance at him I couldn’t help but take him in again, feeling my breathing catch quietly in my throat as I took in his strong features. It was his eyes though which got to me, the liquid hazel which seemed to look right into my soul as I shivered and looked pointedly away.

“Huh? Oh why was I so long, basically the teacher told me to sort out my attitude putting it bluntly. She looked terrified though” I rolled my eyes, waving my hand dismissively as I suddenly realised I hadn’t gotten any food. I was starving!

“She what!” Hunter growled, my brow frowning when I felt a delicious shiver ran through me and my wolf purring in delight at the sound. This boy had me all kinds of messed up.

“Yep so calm yourself down big boy- I’m getting food” I stated as I patted him on the cheek before I even thought about my actions, the bolts of pleasure where our skin touched causing my eyes to darken and the urge to claim him all the more urging. Shit.

Quickly getting up I shook my head furiously, my raven locks thrashing around my face as I screwed up my face in distaste at my animal instincts before making my way over to the food line. It didn’t skip my notice his reaction to my touch either, the pure hungry and lustful look he had sent my way was enough to make my legs tremble in desire.

I knew this was harder on him, with him being the present alpha and having already of accepted his position his wolf’s main priority now would be to claim his mate. I respected him for not trying to mate with me forcefully, having heard of such occasions in my travels, but I knew if he did I would never forgive him, no matter what my wolf felt.

Sighing I shook my head yet again, I was finding it harder and harder not to just follow my instincts yet his words from that morning still haunted me….

Swallowing hard I tried to clear those thoughts from my mind as I made my way to the slightly busy line, hearing the apparent whispers around the room perfectly as I did so. It was when I caught the conversation including Hunter and his pack that I found my heart beating faster, my wolf purring and howling inside of me as I tried desperately to blank my expression.

Cheer up mate” Collin stated as soon as they thought I was out of hearing range, I was too intrigued though to even bother rolling my eyes as I narrowed my eyes at the people in front of me in a threatening manner causing them to immediately shut the hell up.

What am I going to do mate, she hates me” Oh baby, I thought as I felt my eyes soften at the pain in his voice. What was he doing to me?

She doesn’t hate you Hunter, you just need to give her time” Ellie spoke, her voice sympathetic as I continued to glare at the other students in-case they started talking again. I didn’t want to miss anything, and while this conversation was painful for both me and my wolf to hear I needed to be prepared for what they said behind my back.

Yea, you didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts” another girl said softly, I had yet to be introduced to a couple of the closer pack members so I didn’t know all of their names just yet.

Hearing my mate groan in frustration at the memory I zoned them out, not wanting to hear them anymore as I grabbed a tub of tomato and cheese pasta and a fork, not in the mood for a large meal. I didn’t exactly have the time to eat it either, the pathetic conversation with the teacher who knew now to keep her distance away from me taking up most of my lunch break.

Paying for it to the slightly sweating woman at the till I rolled my eyes before making my way back, only to be stopped in the middle of my tracks by a none other than my spoilt sister. Great, just what I needed today.

“Look you little bitch, you may apparently be that wimp of a sister that we kicked out when you were younger but think again if you think we want to back” she hissed, her tone only loud enough for me to hear and that was pushing it. I raised a brow, un-affected by the venom in her tone as I felt my face form into a scowl.

“What makes you think I want anything to do with you?” I hissed, smirking internally when I saw panic flash though her eyes before she tried to mask it. Too late bitch, already saw the effect on you and I am loving it!

“Who wouldn’t” she asked as if even the idea of it was preposterous. I scoffed, did she love herself that much? From the look on her make-up caked face I knew she was in fact completely serious.

“Well for starters me, so stay out of my life or I will do more to you then backhand you” I threatened completely serious, stepping forward into her personal space as I made myself look even more threatening. She was about an inch taller than me, but the fact that it was only due to the death-trap heels she had on her feet ruined the whole threatening effect she was going for.

I tried to control my raging wolf as I breathed in her familiar scent, my wolf despising her as well as my parents for the way they had treated me when I was little. I had never been more glad that I never told them about me being able to shift, if I had anything to do with it then they would never find out.

“Oh what you going to do huh? I am a shifter, I am respected here and what are you? A disgusting and vicious rouge” she sneered, obviously thinking she was better than everyone else due to her ability to shift. I scoffed, my eyes burning in her direction as she tried to stifle the urge to cringe back, I could see how much I unsettled her in the way she held herself. I smirked.

“Never forget that, I am a rouge which means killing you would mean nothing to me” I hissed at her, her body flinching back as she caught the venom in both my posture and my tone. She knew I was completely serious, hesitation and fear flashing through her eyes as she realised just how little I would care if she disappeared.

“Just stay away from Hunter, he’s mine!” she snarled pathetically, the comment finally pushing me over the edge as I felt my fingers clench into a fist before connecting with her nose. The sound of the crunch which echoed the now silent room seemed to capture everyone’s attention, the screaming and now bloody girl making a scene as she sprawled out pathetically on the floor. Did she have no shame?

“Pathetic” I spat, clenching shut my eyes as I tried not to let my eyes flash like I knew they would. I was used to having my wolf so far to the surface, so having to control myself as not to give me away was proving to be more difficult than I had first planned…

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