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Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestoryby SoulMated
Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all r...
  • abused
  • forever
  • power
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Apple Pie Is To Die 4!!! by CONFLICTEDEMOTIONS
A short story. Try it!!!! tell me what you think. Any changes I need to make. Subscribe, vote, and comment.
  • justice
  • lady
  • hag
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Burning Bridges by scabulous
Burning Bridgesby Nora Limonium
A short about a groggy person who just gets away. cover by the lovely: @sephenes
  • same
  • burning
  • bridges
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The Rope to Hell by thepainistooreal
The Rope to Hellby thepainistooreal
This is how i woke up. There's nothing fake about this.
  • cuts
  • intense
  • hatred
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Open: Cutters, burners by Aderes
Open: Cutters, burnersby Aderes
Do you cut? Do you burn yourself? please read.
  • poem
  • itwillbeok
  • burning
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diamond-set straitjackets by woodlark
diamond-set straitjacketsby hannah bear
tougher than kevlar
  • straitjackets
  • burning
  • woodlark
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Dancing Evermore by lonelyinside
Dancing Evermoreby Devon
  • dancing
  • fantasy
  • burn
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Nightmares In Her Mind by HypocryticalGurl
Nightmares In Her Mindby Shannon <3
hidden inside the lines, a secret awaits to be told.♥ thoughts and feelings, this way of escape. the bittersweet memories that echo through the years.i find a distant l...
  • abyss
  • lies
  • mirror
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CRESCENT MOON: CH.2-MEETING by 50shadesbaby13
  • black
  • twilight
  • dawn
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Celtic Memoire by CelticMemories
Celtic Memoireby Annie Angel Bridges
"Krishka is mute... Clairvoyant... and irresistible. According to Brooklyn Asylum she's also INSANE." The Library. A Pocketwatch. And a Journal. Three prec...
  • darkness
  • song
  • singing
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the sountrack of my life.... by HypocryticalGurl
the sountrack of my life....by Shannon <3
a collection of songs that ive written myself...enjoy<3
  • lies
  • end
  • nothing
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The burning bracelet by Piluu3
The burning braceletby Piluu3
  • awards
  • burning
  • 2012
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Between The Waves - March Issue by ProjectFlashFlood
Between The Waves - March Issueby ProjectFlashFlood
Hello, Welcome to the March issue of ProjectFlashFlood's new magazine "Between The Waves." This magazine will be made monthly, and is going to feature articles...
  • burning
  • depression
  • magazine
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Crimson Eyes and Burning Tears (an Alphonse Elric Story) by BabyChick
Crimson Eyes and Burning Tears (an...by BabyChick
I stumbled along the dirt path, my bare feet rubbing against the cool dirt and gripped the wound in my side. I couldn’t make it much further… I would have to. My eyelids...
  • edward
  • roy
  • eyes
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