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reVerse poems ~ A Reversible Poetry Collection by PJ Perry by Warrior_Prophet
reVerse poems ~ A Reversible Poetr...by PJ Perry-Roberts
A collection of poetry that reads backwards as well as forwards!
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Hate by Radi0activ3-rainb0w
Hateby Katie
Just a rant
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Im sorry and i love u </3 by pabimai
Im sorry and i love u </3by pabimai
Boys, however stupid they are, they can break you. I wish that I didn't love him, but I do. He has broken me so badly, but I would rather that he was happy. I don't care...
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Ask Us Why? by suzap16
Ask Us Why?by Sukeshni Kapoor
Having a burning Science question? Get answered by us :) "All cool questions has a proof and theory behind them. No question's has incomplete answers till you drop...
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Burning Innocence [on hold - probably for good] by MiniMoxx
Burning Innocence [on hold - proba...by Alex Orchard
What if you were accused of something you knew you weren’t? Salem, Massachusetts, sixteen-ninety-two and the Witch Trials are the biggest thing to ever hit America. One...
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Don't leave me. Ever... by SexyPokemonTrainer
Don't leave me. Ever...by Andy
Blake being the sexy party boy he is soon introduced to Brooke, a girl who his friends mocked everyday. Once Blake starts to get to know Brooke he soon realized how much...
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the girl who burned alive by BabypastaSCP
the girl who burned aliveby Brea animoria
there was a girl, her name was sierra diane. she was eight years old she was abused by her family and only wanted a fun day. She preys and preys untill one day, was a dr...
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Love, Thought, and Emotion Poems - a collection of all my poetry on Wattpad by adorkable2012
Love, Thought, and Emotion Poems...by Kristin
Most of these are love poems, and those are the ones I put first. Then, I have my poems on random thoughts, then stuff on depression and other things like that.
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Curtain Down by TheTimelessClock
Curtain Downby TheTimelessClock
In the early 19th Century, Prague’s streets are cold and cobbled. The astronomical clock chimes on the hour and life goes by as it should. Puppet theatres have always be...
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The Vampire Series by 21amcmillan
The Vampire Seriesby 21amcmillan
"My world changed in the 1800's" I whispered. "It has never been the same." "I get it. My mom is in the same situation as you." The boy whi...
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Humourous poetry by AprilDay
Humourous poetryby AprilDay
A collection of nonsense and humourous poetry on all manner of topics
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Blood Waste by ValentinaHale
Blood Wasteby V. Hale
"With him, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. More like it wasn't love at first anything. I hated him so much I could die - but if only he allowed me to. So nat...
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The burning bracelet by Piluu3
The burning braceletby Piluu3
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The story of a cutter. by tayaaa__
The story of a cutter.by Taya
Jocelynn Blackheart is just like any other teenage girl. That is, until her beloved sister, Kylie, develops a drinking problem and takes all of her anger and frustration...
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Poetry Slam Worthy by KaityElisa
Poetry Slam Worthyby Kaity Elisa
From pain, to empowerment to happiness to cruel valentines to broken hearts to suicide and back to encouragement and contentment, take a walk with me as I write these po...
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My Suicide Note. by ObsessiveChildren
My Suicide Note.by ObsessiveChildren
I'm right here, I'm with you. I'm surrounding you every second, I'm free. ~Me. 3/31/14
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Davekat- don't go by lyssi413
Davekat- don't goby lyssi413
Karkat is exceedingly depressed, little to Dave's knowledge. But perhaps dave can help him see how very valuable karkat is.
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Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down by KaitlinGehrung
Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Downby Kaitlin
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Gale's Revenge(Mocking Jay's Next book) EDITING! by FrostStar_
Gale's Revenge(Mocking Jay's Next...by FrostStar_
Gale grabbed my neck. Gosh he was so strong. He started squeezing it. I gasped as he squeezed harder. His hand were choking me. Black spots dance before my eyes. "M...
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Alone in a nightmare (self harm, suicide and mental illnesses) by chainsOfRegret
Alone in a nightmare (self harm, s...by sumayla
(warning, may trigger. Don't read if sensitive) Have you ever felt like if you killed yourself, the world wouldn't notice that your gone. Or maybe your parents don't ca...
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