Chapter 17

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Hunters Pov

My mate stared at me with a raised brow, her dark locks piled on top of her head as they were held in place with a large black claw clip. I couldn’t help but keep brushing the small strands which she had kept down to frame her face, loving the feel of her silk locks on my fingers as I tucked them behind her adorable little ears.

I was currently running my hand through my hair yet again as I stared at my confused mate, trying to work up the courage to ask her to meet my parents and look around the pack house. I didn’t want to push her to live with me, but she was my mate and I hated to think of the sort of place she was staying at now. It drove both me and my wolf nuts, knowing I should be caring and providing for her yet knowing she wouldn’t allow it like I wished she would.

It had been a few days since the whole fire incident and everyone was on their guard, the scent of a rouge being near the house when we went to investigate. I wanted to strangle Stacy when we had identified it as a rouges’ doing and not of my mates, yet she had dared blame her out right without bothering to check her facts and scent the area around her like she should have done! It was basic procedure to identify any scents straight away, if it had of rained they would have been washed away and we would have been left non-the-wiser. For a shifter, she could be extremely foolish sometimes.

I was brought out of my thoughts when my mates beautiful voice cut through the awkward silence which I had unfortunately built up with my stuttering, I was relieved to say the least.

“What did you want to ask me Hunter?” she asked with a slight frown, playing with a blade of grass since we were sitting on the field. She had found the perfect spot according to her, it being under a large willow tree which while gave you shade made sure you got the warm summer breeze.

“Look…you don’t have to say yes…but…urm” I stuttered as I felt my tanned skin heat up with both embarrassment and frustration, why couldn’t I just ask her? Oh, that’s right, I was afraid she would say no and things would get awkward. God this sucks! I was the alpha for sucks sake!

“Hunter, just ask me” she smiled, the amused look in her eyes causing me to pout playfully. It was worth it though, her laughter filling the field, entrancing both myself and some of the unmated wolves around us who had turned at the airy sound of her laugh.

That was another thing which I had noticed, how my mate seemed to have captured all of their attention for some reason. Sure she was funny, sweet, sexy and incredibly badass but that didn’t mean they had a shot with her! She was mine, and I knew my wolf would kill any who thought they had a claim on her.

“Will you meet my parents tonight?” I blurted out before I could help myself, already preparing myself for the rejection when I saw her stunned and taken aback expression.

“Urm…why?” she asked nervously as she avoided eye contact with me, a strange emotion on her face as she flushed an adorable red which made me again wonder how far it went down. She rarely blushed, but when she did it was just delicious to watch.

“What do you mean why?” I asked curiously, why wouldn’t I want them to meet her?

“I just didn’t expect to ever meet them Hunter, I mean why would you want your parents to meet a rouge who just happens to be your mate?” she asked, her voice I could tell was filled with insecurities even if she had tried to hide it behind annoyance. I sighed, grabbing her chin gently as I got her to look at me only for my thoughts on her insecurities to be confirmed as I looked into her amazingly emerald orbs.

“You are not a rouge baby, you are my mate and you have no idea how glad I am that fate had chosen my other-half to be you.” I smiled with complete honestly, needing and wanting her to understand that even if I had the power to change it then it wouldn’t even cross my mind, she was my everything and I was not going to ruin that.

“You too sweet” she pouted as she pushed me away playfully causing my back to hit the ground with a thud, a grunt falling from my lips at the action though I couldn’t help but laugh at her stunned expression.

“Hell you have some strength there babe” I smirked only to find my thoughts whirling. That was until I saw her eyes widen slightly before she swung her leg over my waist, effectively straddling me.

My head was immediately swimming with a whole different train of thoughts, her hands going either side of my head as my hands automatically went to her hips as I stared at her lips hungrily. I couldn’t help getting aroused by it, hell my gorgeous and incredibly sexy mate was on top of me in shorts, could I get a amen?

“You know you smell so good” she purred, my eyes flashing with my inner wolf as I felt her hot body temperature press against mine, the fact she ran on the same heat frequency meant that she felt nothing other than perfect in my arms. If I was thinking clearly I had a feeling I would have thought more on the topic of how it was possible she ran as hot as me, but I was way too distracted with her seductive tone and how her body felt against mine to even consider taking my mind off what was happening now.

“Uh” was all I got out as a strangled sound came from the back of my throat, god was that really my lame reply?

“Like a musky masculine scent, it’s so fucking good” she almost moaned as I felt her lean down, her breath on my neck causing me to shiver and my grip on her to tighten significantly. Holy fuck, she was going to kill me!

“Really now?” I purred, my voice so low that even I couldn’t recognise my own voice. I could feel her shiver against me as I spoke, I smirked, loving the effect I had on her.

“Uh huh, so good” she moaned before I felt her run her tongue up the side of my neck causing me to growl out, my nails digging into her denim shorts as I felt myself getting more and more worked up as her lips and tongue continued to ravish my neck. She was good at this I thought before frowning, why was she so good?

I was about to speak, clearly about to ruin the moment due to me being a jealous and over protective fool when I felt her teeth lightly press against the junction which joined my neck to my shoulder, the action causing me to groan and any words die in my throat as I moved my head to the side so she had more room to work with.

“I would love to meet your parents” I heard her whisper before she was off me, my hands holding air as I gaped her at as she stood there grinning, her face flushed.

“Bloody hell Zoe!” I found myself growling when I realised she had gotten me worked up enough to completely space out only to pull away. She was clearly enjoying my discomfort as I tried to think disgusting thoughts to try and calm down my little problem, my eyes glaring in her direction which only seemed to ignite her laughter as she grinned at me with a wink.

It was then I realised what she had said, my own disgruntled expression turning into a relieved grin as I sprung up to take her into my arms, swinging her around happily as I smiled at her gleeful laughter.

“Thank you” I smiled, knowing how nervous she was when I had first brought it up. I didn’t get a reply, only a bright smile and a saucy wink that had me pressing my lips against hers in seconds. I just hoped my parents didn’t scare her off since I knew this was going to be my only chance at a first impression when she met my family, the last thing I wanted was for her to want to avoid the pack house where I later wanted her to live with me. So yea…a lot of pressure on my part, so definitely fingers crossed. 

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