Chapter 31

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Warning there are some naughty bits!

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Zoe’s Pov

“Why?” I asked flatly when I remembered that I had told him nothing of my past, that I had told him nothing of how those people had treated me and yet he was reacting like this. He shouldn’t have been, he should have been at least asking me what was wrong, why I hated them so much and yet he talked as if he already knew. I paled at the thought, he didn’t know, did he?

I stared at him as the colour seemed to drain from my features, his arms around me suddenly tightening as if he was worried I would run. I hated to admit it to myself but the thought had crossed my mind, I knew I didn’t deserve him but the thought of leaving him was just too much to bare. I knew my wolf would be in immense pain if I ran, not to mention I felt way too much for him to just pick up and leave.

“I don’t know what-“ he started to stutter but I cut him off, not trying to get out of his grip on me but not relaxing into it either.

“Don’t lie to me” I snapped, “so tell me, why do you hate them so much?” I asked in a clipped tone, my wolf snarling at me for talking to my mate in such a manner but I was far to panicked to think straight. How did he find out? Did he find out?

“Look Zoe-“ he started again but I didn’t let him get another word out, to worried that he knew more about me than I had told him. It wasn’t like I enjoyed keeping things from him, but the realisation that he had found out elsewhere made my blood run cold as I stood stiffly in his arms. A first for me, and for him going for the expression on his face.

“What do you know?” I asked bluntly, quietly as I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. I didn’t want to see the hate, the disgust that would be in his gaze. I had done a lot of things I wasn’t proud of, and not coming clean with him as soon as we started dating was one of them. To be honest though I was worried about how he would react, it wasn’t every day that a mate had to listen to how his female was kicked out when she was a child and forcibly made a rogue at such a young and delicate age. I didn’t know how he would have taken it, so I had kept quiet and now I was paying for it.

At my question he seemed to go silent, clearly not knowing what to say but as I looked into his eyes I saw genuine fear present in them. The sight brought me up short, what did he have to fear? I soon  realised what it was though when I felt his arms tighten around my waist as if it was the only thing keeping me here. I couldn’t help it as I looked into those bright eyes of his, knowing that he wasn’t just fearing me pulling away from him, but he feared that I wouldn’t be the one wanting him. Such a fool.

I sighed heartbroken at the thought that he generally believed that I was going somewhere, the thought had crossed my mind but he was stuck with me now. Now I had found my mate, my forever, I would never be letting him go.

With this on my mind I gently relaxed against him, letting my posture droop as my arms wrapped around his neck as I pressed my chest against his. I could tell the action surprised him, my sudden change of attitude having him stumped making me smile softly as I pressed my lips to the bare skin of his chest. I loved that he was hairless in that area, most werewolf males were which I found strange considering when we phased we were covered from head to toe in fur.

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