Chapter 28

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Well here is the chapter you have all been waiting for so let me know what you think, Hunter is finally clued in on the fact that she isn’t exactly your regular wolf. Sorry for the previous chapter since I did kind of tease you all slightly didn’t I, but I hope the quick update makes up for it.

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Hunters Pov

I didn’t know why but I found it impossible to move as I took in the scene in front of me, a quick glance to my pack mates only causing me to realise that they were in the exact same situation. Due to my inner wolf being the alpha he effectively ‘owned’ you could call it each and every wolf that lived inside my pack, it was what made it possible for me to command them. But as I took in the scene in front of me, frozen to the spot, I couldn’t help but take in the fact that they stood stiff and unwillingly as if I had given them an alpha command even though I hadn’t.

My wolf was telling me that I needed to watch this, that it would ruin everything if I intervened however much I wanted to. My mate was practically committing suicide in front of me but however much I struggled with my wolf I couldn’t move, I hated it! I hated the fact I felt weak against my own animal, to wound up with worry and panic to realise just how necessary it was for me to pay attention and watch. How both mine and the packs future was about to chance right in front of our eyes, how much more possessive my inner wolf was going to act until my mate was fully claimed like I had craved since I had first found out that she was mine; that she was my soul-mate and my other half.

‘What the fuck is going on?’  Jack asked panicked as he found it impossible to move much like myself, the alpha wolf in me taking complete charge of the pack. I knew he was acting by instinct, but with my mate in danger as well as Jacks I couldn’t help but want to ignore it. I could already begin to feel myself resenting my inner alpha, not knowing that in mere minutes I would be kissing the ground he walked on.

‘I don’t know!’ went around the pack mind as we all took in the scene in front of us, terrified out of our minds and helpless to act against what we thought was inevitable.

I watched as I took in what was happening in front of me, how Stacy’s large brown wolf was standing threateningly in front of a terrified Chloe as she tried to back away only to find her back pressing against the back of a tree preventing her from moving any further. What the hell was Stacy playing at? Was she seriously planning to attack one of our own? One of our mated females? Was she stupid?

“Stacy please, I don’t know what I’ve wrong” we were all forced to listen to Chloe beg, Jack not even being able to snarl as it seemed as if our inner wolves were refusing to make ourselves known. I didn’t know why, but I knew something big was going to happen as I tried to fight my wolf only to find it pointless in doing so. My wolf had full control, and to be honest it was scaring the shit out of me.

Stacy’s wolfy chuckles filtered into our ears as each and every one of us felt the fur on our backs raise as we watched the only female wolf of the pack taunt Jacks mate. It was clear Chloe was terrified out of her mind, we could practically smell the fear as it came off her in waves as Stacy continued to play with her as if she meant nothing, as if she was food in the wild! It was disgusting and as soon as I got my wolf under control she was going to pay!

It was when I felt my gaze drawn to my right that I felt my eyes widen and my panic increase, catching sight of my mate as she seemed to be watching the scene in front of her with pure anger in her gaze. Oh please don’t do anything stupid baby I begged in my mind, whimpering slightly as I doubled my efforts to move only to find it pointless as none of us could move from our positions from the edge of the woods. What the hell was going on?

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