Chapter 25

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Zoe’s Pov

Walking into the large building also known as school I sighed as I headed towards the receptionist who looked like she was on the phone trying to calm someone down. Her brows were pulled together in a large frown as she tried to calm down who I guessed to be her mate on the other end of the call. Apparently he had felt a large wave of fear come from her and wanted to see her in person to check that she was in fact alright like she had said, only for the woman to say it was unnecessary. I knew it was rude for me to listen in on the clearly private call, but I couldn’t help but search for anything that would help to lighten my mood.

Approaching her I leaned against the counter as I waited for her to finish talking to her mate, I wasn’t in any rush due to it only being about 10 minutes until the lunch bell would ring so I didn’t interrupt. So with that I casually leaned against the wooden counter as my nails tapped gently against the wood, she was to into her conversation to notice me until about 5 minutes later when she let loose a startled but relieved yelp when she saw me.

“Honey I have to go…everything is fine yes, I called you later…love you” she quickly rushed into the phone before hanging up, my brows raising at how suddenly relieved she looked when she spotted me. What was going on?

“Hey, I need to sign in” I commented as I bit my lip, suddenly finding myself starved. I hadn’t eaten breakfast since I didn’t have any food in my apartment; I really needed to find a job I thought with a frown. It’s not like I had anything against working, truthfully when I wasn’t hunting and surviving in animal form I was working as much as possible to earn a living. So no it didn’t bother me, but I knew it would mean I would have less time with my mate which truthfully didn’t sit well with me. I liked my time with Hunter: I didn’t want to have to give it up to work.

“Zoe right?” The receptionist asked hopefully, my brows rising at the relief in her tone. What the hell was she on? I barely knew the woman and yet she was relieved to see me? Weirdo!

“Yep” I smiled, watching her grin suddenly before the irritating sound of her fingers on the computer keys filled my sensitive hearing, my mood still agitated but at least the pull in my chest had lessened a little due to me being closer to my mate. I knew he would be pissed, but it would be worth having to listen to him shout at me if I could curl up on his lap while he did it. To be honest I just wasn’t in the mood, still finding myself angered at my disgusting parents who had the nerve to threaten not only me but my brother’s mate. They would pay, I just needed to bide my time. 

“Alright your signed in, try and be on time next time” she asked almost cautiously, clearly not wanting to upset me with her suggestion that my timing wasn’t the best. Rolling my eyes I gave her a dramatic nod before heading towards the canteen, the bell going just as I reached the hall. Talk about perfect timing!

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