Chapter 18

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Hey readers,

I love the amount of attention my story is getting, so thanks to all of you who have constantly made my day when I check my profile to see the number of comments, readers and votes. So a huge thank you to you all.

Anyway this chapter is shorter than I expected but I have been busy revising and wanted to give you a chapter to read to sooth those creative minds of yours.

So here it is, and I know you’re eager to both find out how everyone finds out that Zoe can shift as well as when she meets her parents – but be patient, I have it all planned out.

Anyway, here you are. Hope you enjoy! By the way it’s in Hunters Pov, I just love writing in his point of view.

Lots of love


Hunter’s Pov


I couldn’t think of anything else to say when I walked into my pack house the following day only to see the two bastards sitting at my table and chatting with my parents as if they hadn’t chucked my mate out when she was young! How fucking dare they!


Another emotion I felt towards them. Ok that was a fucking understatement. I was raging, furious as I felt my upper lip pull back as I snarled silently, my body shaking with rage as I resisted shifting right there and then and taking them out. What right did they have to sit there? None, they had fucking none after what they did!

I had been walking into the pack house grinning when I glanced at my watch to find she would be here soon, my reason for living. I couldn’t believe when she had said yes, I knew she was uncomfortable with it at first but I was relieved when she had said it was ok with her to meet my parents.

Really it had been my parents who had been hinting at me to meet the future alpha-female of the pack, she would receive the title as soon as I had mated and marked her. It was when I caught there scents, the scents I now detested as I entered into the hall only to hear them talking to my parents as if they were the innocents that I had once believed them to be. How could I have been so stupid to think they were good people, they were monsters in my eyes. Lower than some of the vampires I had come across, and that was saying something.

The growls which rumbled in my chest finally caught their attentions as I leaned against the door frame as they sat in the kitchen, my posture stiff and my eyes tinted with my wolfs yellow as I glared at my mates parents who were looking extremely uncomfortable under my gaze. Good.

“Hello dear, what’s wrong?” my mother asked panicked as my father immediately scented the surroundings, a habit which he was likely never to drop due to being the previous alpha before I took over my right.

“What are they doing here?” I asked tensely, literally fighting the urge not to give into my instincts and inner wolf which was telling me to shift and rip into their throats. I could picture it now, the taste of blood in my mouth, my wolf purring in pride as I stood in the bloody room. I shook my head rapidly, I could really be disturbed sometimes.

“Oh, you will never guess Hunter. Their daughter is back, you know the one that ran away when she was little. I have no idea what she must have been thinking, I mean leaving a loving family that young” my mother gushed before stopping when she took note of my shaking form, the fact my nails were braking the door frame as I gripped it with inhuman force.

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