Chapter 6

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Hunters Pov

I sat nervously in class, my fingers thumping on the table as I tried to calm my erratic behaviour unsuccessfully. Jack had texted her in the morning and told me she was here when she replied, just the thought that she was in the same school somewhere and not being able to be to her was eating me alive.

I knew where she was, how could I not when I asked for her schedule the day I acted foolish. What? I wasn’t a stalker; she was my mate and I had a right to know where she was in-case anything happened. Ok that was mostly a major lie, it comforted both me and my wolf to know her whereabouts but the fact I was purposely having to stay away to give her space was slowly killing me inside.  

“You alright mate?” Collin asked from my side, Ellie his mate paying attention to the teacher as he roamed on and on about something or other. I would have paid attention but I had bigger things on my mind then what I was meant to be learning in class, like a certain mate I had to gain the trust of after breaking it so quickly.

“No I’m not, my mate is in another room and hates my guts” I hissed out annoyed, my eyes flashing causing him to cringe slightly. I shot him an apologetic look but didn’t say anything, being an alpha meant it was a lot easier for my anger to get the better of me and my wolf to come out. I sighed again when I recalled my dad’s words: Your mate will calm that side of you, your wolf will want nothing more than to please her. I cringed at my line of thought, great I was now making myself and my wolf even more depressed!

“You don’t know that” he tried to look on the bright side, not that it was looking very bright at the minute. I stared at him blankly, “ok, ok so things hadn’t gone according to plan”

“Really” I scoffed sarcastically “You don’t say”

“But she came back didn’t she, she didn’t run” he concluded, my frown smoothing out slightly when I realised he was right. She could have run, and while the bond would have forced her to come back she hadn’t tried. I felt hope for once, crossing my fingers that Jack would talk some sense into her.

Hearing the bell go signalling the end of the lesson I gathered my things before I felt a wave of fury run through me causing my to stiffen, my pack mates immediately going on guard as I felt the strange emotion disappear as quick as it arrived. What the…Zoe!

“Shit” I cursed as I hurried out, aware of the fact my pack was following as I breathed in and let my wolf guide me to where she was. Was she ok, I knew it had to be from her since when my father had talked about mates he had stated he could feel my mums strong emotions as if they were his own. It was a protective mechanism, a way of keeping her safe.

Hurrying across the school grounds I suddenly caught sight of her, my wolf begging me to grovel at her feet for forgiveness. It would have been amusing in another less serious situation, my wolf was normally extremely aggressive yet here he was wanting me to literally beg like the dog I am.

As I took her in I immediately felt my mouth water and the familiar feeling of lust run through me, she looked incredible in her short yet non-slutty skirt and vest top. God how much I wanted to…

“Hunter baby” I cringed, the sound of her screeching voice making my daydream shatter leaving me in a bad mood. Great, what did she want now?

“What Stacy?” I snapped, she didn’t seem to notice my tone even if she flinched a little. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Oh baby I just wanted to see if you wanted to ditch the rest of school” she asked in what I thought she meant to be a seductive tone, it wasn’t. I weighed my options. One I could stay here and try and talk to my mate giving both me and my wolf some interaction with her that we both needed, or two have an extremely clingy slut screeching away at me while trying to get into my pants. Yea, not exactly a hard choice….

“Bugger off Stacy” I snapped, again she didn’t seem to notice or care at my tone even if I knew her wolf did. She flinched, her wolfs reaction but stupidly stayed put. I looked at Collin with a pleading look, glaring when I saw he was trying desperately not to laugh at my situation. What a bloody fantastic beta…

“Zoe come on I’m sorry” Jacks voice filtered across the field, my pack mates and myself craning our necks as we looked behind my delectable mate to see a panicked looking Jack come running up behind her.

“Really now, that’s nice” she stated sarcastically, but even with the slight edge to her tone it was still the most beauty thing I had ever heard. My wolf purred at the sound, though was edgy since I could feel how annoyed and angry she was.

I scowled, he was meant to be helping the situation not making it worse!

“Please Z, he was just being a twat” he continued to plead with her, gripping her wrist slightly causing my eyes to narrow into the movement as I felt my wolf hiss as Jack pulled her back towards him. He had better know what he was doing!

“Whatever Jack…” she started to talk but I suddenly couldn’t hear her thanks to the slut next to me, it was hard to believe that they were actually related, much less sisters.

“Who is that girl?” she screeched causing me and some of the back to lean away from her, my sensitive hearing making her voice sound even worse than normal. Why was she still here?

“Zoe” I found myself breathing, cringing once I did due to the jealously I suddenly saw in her eyes as I pushed her away. I didn’t need my mate thinking I was interested in her sister, and while the rumour was that I slept with her a lot it was a whole bunch of crap. I wouldn’t touch that if someone paid me to.

“Little bitch, you like her don’t you?” she accused, her massacre clumped eyes narrowing at me as I stayed quiet. That probably wasn’t the best choice since it seemed to give the answer she had been dreading, I sighed again as I ran a hand through my hair while glaring at Collin who was trying desperately to keep his laughing bottled up along with his mate.

“Leave it” I warned, not wanting her to ruin any opportunity I had but I knew it was a lost cause. Her parents wanted her to mate with me and the slut wanted the power and position of alpha female, I knew she would stop at nothing until she got it but I was no way giving in to the slut.

“You are MINE Hunter, and that little bitch will not stop that” she hissed before storming in that direction leaving me stunned, by the time I had snapped out of it I froze when I saw her hissing at Zoe in a way which made females of our world shun back…Shit.

I knew my mate wasn’t a shifter that much was clear by her scent, and while it should bother me since a non-shifter alpha mate had never been heard of it didn’t. I wanted her, her apparent faults as well so as I made my way over I was again frozen when the sound of a slap registered though the field causing everyone to stop and stare.

“Damn you go girl” Ellie whooped out as Stacy’s shocked form hit the ground, the anger in my mates eyes making it clear that Stacy had said something which had finally made her snap out. And while I should have intervened since a rouge had acted out, her being my mate completely abolished the rules since she was my everything, hell if she wanted to beat the shit out of Stacy and it would make her happy then I would gladly let her carry on. God I was so whipped.

I watched as she seemed to close her eyes and breathe deep breaths, seemingly calming herself down before looking in Ellie’s direction. Shooting her a wink which had us all confused she spun on her heel and disappeared, leaving us all stunned yet again.

“Well…good luck with that mate” Collin stated slapping me on the back, though my only thoughts were who in the world had pissed her off and how long would it take for me to get to them?

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