Chapter 14

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Here is the next chapter, hope you enjoy! I actually loved writing this chapter even if it is more of a filler one based around Zoe and Hunter, I found the more I wrote the more I got carried away so you would be delighted to know the next chapter will be up very soon due to me already having started it. So YAY.

Anyway have a great Christmas, I didn’t think I would be updating so soon but I’ve had some spare time and so decided focus on writing it more. It helps that I LOVE writing this story in particular, personally loving the story line as much as you guys seem to.

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Hunter’s Pov

I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face even if I tried, not that I would want to as I stood outside the school with my pack as I waited for the buses to pull in.

It had been 4 days since that night I took my angel to the ice-cream diner, the night I thought I had made things worse when I had thankfully made the right decision. I remember feeling so nervous when her brother told me about her issue with needing a ride, how I had immediately told him I was picking her up even if Jack thought it would only make things worse. I was thankful I didn’t listen to him, I had shown her my softer side and I couldn’t have been more relieved that I did.

“You know it is official, I have never seen you so happy” Liam stated with a smirk as his own mate stood by his side, Kelly on her phone as she played what looked like some penguin game which I couldn’t help but shake my head at. Liam thought it was adorable that she was so obsessed with it, the rest of us just finding it as amusing as hell that a girl her age could be so interested by it.

“How could I not be, the rouges haven’t been causing a problem, Zoe is finally giving me a shot and my wolf is practically purring with contentment” I grinned, my pack mates finding it hilarious but I didn’t care. Why would I, I was finally getting a shot with my mate and while we were taking it at an extremely slow pace I was to thankful that she was even giving me a shot to be bothered by it.

“Whatever dude, I still don’t like her” Josh muttered caught me to glare heavily in his direction, Hannah had nothing against my mates history so why should he? Sure it was sad that Hannah was nearly taken out, but if she can give my mate a shot then he fucking can!

“You know what will happen if you make her uncomfortable Josh, do not forget that” I hissed causing him to shudder as he recalled what happened the last time he upset her, he may be one of my closest friends but I was still his alpha and Zoe was still my mate. He needed to learn his place! He could do it the easy way, or the hard way it was up to him.

“Sorry alpha” he muttered causing me to nod and Hannah to kiss his cheek in thanks, it was amusing to watch as his face light up as he pulled her closer, and while I would have probably laughed at his display a few weeks ago I knew exactly what he was feeling thanks for my own angel, my Zoe.

“Buses are here” Jack grinned as they started to pull up, my back straitening as I pushed myself off the wall. I had tried to get her to let me give her a ride but she had refused, saying the bus journey was her thinking time which I could completely understand. I didn’t want to push her after all, I knew I was a lucky fuck to get the chance she was giving me and I wasn’t foolish enough to throw it away for something so trivial.

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