Chapter 27

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Short note just for you guys to thank you all for your support through-out the story, I wouldn’t have managed it if it wasn’t for you guys so thanks again.

Here’s the next chapter so I hope you read and enjoy, I decided to do it in Hunters Pov since I wanted you all to see just how what he was about to learn affected him. So with that read on and enjoy!

Sorry for any errors but I finished it today and didn’t have time to go over it, let me know if you see any bad ones.

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Hunters Pov

‘Are you sure she’s just not worried about you?’ I asked Jack through the pack mind as we headed back to the school, all of us mated wolves eager to get back to our mates. Leaving them tended to be painful, but I knew that the uncomfortable pull in my chest would be nothing compared to what I would be like when I finally mated and marked her as my own. When she was ready, which would hopefully be soon, I would ravish her until she was screaming my name as she withered underneath me before I sank my canines into the flesh of her throat. The thought and mental image alone was enough to have both me and my wolf panting, just knowing that in the near future my fantasies would become my reality.

We had all been in our own thoughts when Jack suddenly picked up his speed, mentioning something about getting a huge wave of fear from Chloe and needing to get back to her since something was wrong. I didn’t question him, the rouges had been easily taken care of and everyone was now breaking up to go their own ways. Since I had howled when I became aware of what was happening they had instantly dropped everything to come together as a group and fight, I didn’t need to order them even though it was possible for me to do so. They were a loyal pack, each would fight to save their home and their loved ones – except for Stacy that was.

Ever since it had become common knowledge that we had a female shifter in the pack it had become both a blessing and a nightmare. The blessing being as simple as the fact it meant we could learn more about them, but then again that seemed to back fire since we couldn’t be sure what she was telling us was the true or whether she was exaggerating to make herself sound better than she actually was. That wasn’t the worst thing though, not only did she flaunt it around she made the other females of the pack feel like shit for not being born with the ability. To be honest it was pissing everyone off, it was only a matter of time before I had no choice but to put her in her place since some of the mated wolves were commenting on how she was upsetting their mates.

‘This is something different, it’s fear not worry he stated causing me to nod, telling everyone not to hold back and to get there as quickly as possible. Being the alpha I was naturally the fastest and strongest of the pack, but Collin wasn’t far behind since he was my beta and Jack was surprisingly managing to keep up. I had a feeling that it was due to thinking his mate was in trouble, I knew that if I had had a similar feeling from Zoe then I would have been gone like a shot without looking back if it meant her safety was in danger.

It was with that thought I was suddenly filled with an anger which clearly wasn’t my own, the feeling seemingly making my wolf see red as I was suddenly breaking off from the pack as my legs took me faster than the others could keep up with. I didn’t know what was happening, but something was making my mate boil with such anger that I didn’t realise she was capable of. Something was definitely wrong.  My mate while she had her own problems was a down to earth girl and I loved that about her; but the rage I was feeling off her was so strong that she shouldn’t have been able to feel something so powerful, so raw.

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