Chapter 20

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Hey readers,

Firstly like always I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read, vote, message and comment on my story. I love hearing about it and your thoughts on my writing never get old.

Anyway previously I asked which Pov you would like and it seemed Hunter’s Pov won over in the end, not that I mind being in the mind of the hot piece of meat which happens to be called Hunter. Yum.

So here is the next chapter, I tried not to give you to long of a wait so I hope you enjoy and continue to let me know your thoughts. Also don’t be shy to tell me if you want me to switch Pov’s or not, advice is always welcoming from you guys.

Anyway sorry for the short chapter but I hope to make it up to you!!! ENJOY!

Lots of love


Hunters Pov

When I woke up I felt my eyelids heavy with the remains of sleep, the fact I had yet to wake up fully sinking into my mind as I groaned at the streak of sunlight which had managed to sneak past my thick curtains as it shone on my face much to my dis-enjoyment.

Making a move to shift I stiffened when I suddenly became extremely aware of the hot skin which was pressed against mine, my eyes finally opening slightly as I looked down only to be greeted with the raven coloured locks as they sprawled out on my bare chest.

I knew I would have panicked that it was some random girl if it wasn’t for the signs which pointed that the gorgeous and still sleeping girl was in fact my adorable and edible mate. The fact it was the best night’s sleep of my life, how my wolf was so content, so satisfied that I felt as if I was on top of the world. Not to mention the way her body fitted perfectly with mine as if she had been made for me only, how her skin touching mine elicited a delightful and addicting feeling which I had begun to crave since the moment we had first touched.

Smiling down at her I was suddenly all too aware that all she was only wearing one of my shirts and her undergarments, both of us getting distracted with watching a number of films before we both realised that it was dark outside and already past midnight. I had refused to let her go home when it was so late, so she had relented and stayed.

I wasn’t complaining, far from it since her being in my bed with me was more than I had expected. Sure I hadn’t claimed her, we had actually been on separate sides of the bed until I woke up to find my arm around her waist, her head on my chest and our legs entwined as we sprawled out on my large bed. No, I wasn’t complaining at all.

Sighing I brought her closer against me, greedily socking up the time and contact I had with her before she made her excuses and left. I didn’t like the fact she still seemed to distance herself from me, but I knew it would take time to let her trust me fully and I knew once I had it there was no way I was going to let it go. She was my everything.

Grinning like a cat that got the cream I let my fingers trail along the skin of her arm, feeling the addicting sparks which made both me and my wolf purr in delight. God she felt amazing, amazing being an  understatement.


Hearing her moan I immediately felt myself getting aroused by the sensual sound which passed her plump lips, her body pressing closer against mine as I felt her warm breath on the skin of my chest making me shiver.

“Shit” I muttered before craning my neck to look at the time, my eyes widening slightly before narrowing when I realised we would have to leave for school soon.

As soon as the thought passed through my mind I heard footsteps heading in the direction of my room causing my eyes to narrow even more so before my voice rumbled towards the direction I knew to be Collin, my beta.

“Don’t open the door, leave without me” I stated under my breath, not wanting to wake up Zoe but not wanting to leave. Frowning when I felt her shift in my grasp I heard Collin reply before the front door shut, everyone clearly already leaving for school.

I knew skipping school wasn’t the best and most moral thing to do but if it was between spending the day at school or with my edible and amazing mate then what would you choose? Exactly, so my mate it is.

It was just under an hour later I felt her start to stir, the fact I had been doing nothing but gazing at her since I had woken shocking me slightly since it felt as if no time at all had passed. I found I loved watching her sleep, it being a creepy Edward Cullen move but I found it didn’t bother me. She was a light sleeper I found, even the slightest noise in my room causing her to stir lightly before nodding back off to sleep.

“Hunter” she breathed as she pressed herself further against me, the fact I wanted nothing more than to rip my shirt off her and ravish her until she couldn’t remember her own name as she screamed mine not helping with me trying to calm my urges to jump and mound her right there and then.

“Wake up baby” I breathed sensually in her ear, feeling her shiver against me as I did so.

I watched grinning when she pulled out of my grip as she sat up, her hands clenching in small fists as she tried to rub the sleep from her eyes. She looked so adorably cute, she was all his!

“Hunter?” her soft and sleepy voice filled the room causing my already large grin to widen, I couldn’t help it! She was just….so cute.

“Morning baby, how’d you sleep?” I asked as I pushed a strand of her dark and slightly mattered locks behind her ear before cupping her face in my palm, so pretty and delicate.

“Fine, what’s the time?” she asked and I could tell she was still half asleep. This was the part I was slightly nervous about, her reaction to me not waking her when it was time for school. The conversation could go both ways, she could accept it or she could be more than annoyed with me, a reaction which I was not hoping for.

“10:30” I stated with a wince, expecting some sort of reaction from her about missing school. I was shocked when I got none though, her expression slightly amused as a small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she let her back hit the mattress of the bed, her hair splayed out across the pillow making her look nothing short of an angel.

“10:30 huh? Take it no school for us then” she winked, her eyes sparking in a way which filled me with warmth knowing I had made her happy.

“Nope, I must admit though I thought you would be more than a little pissed at me” I confessed with a wince, not knowing how to understand her reaction.

“Pissed at you for what?” she asked curiously as she propped herself up on her elbow, her hair tumbling over her shoulders in uneven curls. I couldn’t help but think she still looked incredibly beautiful to me though, so beautiful.

“You know, not waking you up for school, wanting you all to myself” I trailed off as I pulled the sheet away from her from to drink in the slight of her in my light blue button up shirt, seeing her roll her eyes but not commenting as my eyes continued to greedily drink in the sight in front of me.

“I don’t mind, deciding between spending time with you or going to school isn’t exactly a difficult decision now is it?” she winked, leaning forward to press her lips gently to mine before hopping off the bed and heading into my bathroom before I could even think of pulling her closer to me. Fuck, I was so whipped. 

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