Chapter 33

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Hunter’s Pov

Walking into the pack house I gently let down Zoe before we greeted the pack in the living room, my senses having taken note of how they seemed to have decided to gather and wait for me there. It wasn’t surprising, but as I reluctantly set my mate on her feet I made sure to smoothen down the shirt she was wearing as to cover her important assets. I didn’t like to see her in so little clothes around my pack mates, in private hell yes, but in front of my pack it made my wolf snarl in disapproval. Her cute little body was for our eyes only, no one else’s and I would rip them apart if they dared to look at her in a way that I considered remotely lustful.  

Once I had smoothened down her clothes I grabbed her hand and gently tugged her behind me and into the living room, my fingers lacing with hers as I gently but firmly pulled her along. I wanted her with me; my wolf would just have to try and ignore the fact that the pack was about to see her wearing so little at the moment since more serious matters needed to be taken into account. Like the bastards wanting to hurt my mate!

Reaching the living room I felt my body tense as I took note of the presence of both Peter and Lisa, the bastards having the nerve to look at my mate smugly as she stood partly behind me where she belonged. She was everyone’s superior but mine, and while she was my equal in every way it was only natural for the male of the mated couple to want to protect the female more so in a situation that threatened their safety. It wasn’t anything to do with whether it was fair or not since it was simply instinct, the females always submitted to the male, even if it took longer for some than it did for others but they would end up submitting in the end.

My deep and vicious growl soon wiped the smug looks off their faces, the rest of the pack looking at me strangely since it was clear that Collin hadn’t told them about why I disliked the pair so much. I was relieved, it wasn’t his place to reveal anything concerning my mate if I didn’t want him to. Since I was the alpha it was up to me how this was dealt with, and as my eyes scanned for my parents I had to prevent snarling at them when I saw the disappointed look they were sending my barely dressed mate as she leaned against my back, her slightly sweaty forehead pressing against my bare skin.

“What has been said?” I asked Collin as he moved to stand beside me with Ellie at his side, Ellie trying to see around him to look at Zoe only to find that my mate was blocked from her view. Zoe didn’t seem to mind, my back muscles rippling as I felt her lips brush against the centre of my back making me shiver in delight and want. Fuck…

“Only that Zoe attacked Stacy” Jack  stated with a wince as he stood next to Collin, trying to shoot his sister a thankful look for protecting his mate only to find she didn’t even seem to be paying attention, her hands winding around my waist as her lips continued to map out my back. I couldn’t help but shiver, suddenly hopeful that my mate would be staying the night.

“See even my son admits it, your so-called mate attacked my daughter without proper reason!” Lisa snarled, the mother of my so called mate rising to her feet as anger radiated from her pores.

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