Chapter 24

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Zoe’s Pov

I wanted to kill them, I wanted to rip them apart and bathe in their blood for what my bitch of a mother had the nerve to threaten me with. What kind parents were they? Just because Jack wasn’t stupid enough to try and fight Hunter for the alpha position did that mean they no longer want him? That much like myself they wanted to cast him away with nothing but a flick of their wrists? The fact that they had threatened not only a sweet girl such as Chloe, but the fact that she was Jack’s mate was horrific and disgusting!

So yea, I wanted them dead but could you blame me? They were nothing, no they were worse than nothing due to the fact we were flesh and blood and as I watched them retreat due to my harsh and clearly frightening gaze I knew they realised they had made a mistake. You do not threaten a rouge, unless you had a death wish that is.  

“What. Did. You. Say?” I asked, making sure I said each and every word with both venom and force. I so much wanted to phase and kill them, but I couldn’t handle the bullshit that was bound to come after it. No-one knew but Jack what my family had done to me and by killing them I would have them after me for revenge. It was a shame really, how the pack didn’t realise what sort of people they were protecting.

I watched pleased as they flinched away from me, it was hardly surprising but again I was pleased with their response to my words. They knew I didn’t care for them, they knew it wouldn’t bother me if they died and the fact I was a rogue only added to the fear which was slowly mounting on them. They may have thought I couldn’t shift, but even a female without the ability could inflict some serious pain.

“Nothing…” my bitch of a mother whimpered, she had tried to come off brave but the fact she was shaking like a leaf meant it wasn’t possible for her to do so. Good.

“No, you said something and I want you to repeat it. So come on, spit it out!” I snapped at them, wanting them to say it again so I could have more of a reason to plan my killing of them. I was a patient person, I think I could live with planning how to make it look like an accident – even if it took a little longer than I would have liked. Yep, I liked that idea very much.

I gazed at them through a rage filled haze as they tried to subtly move away, they knew they couldn’t attack even if they wanted to. Whether they liked it or not I was the Alphas mate, so he would feel me in pain if they tried anything and even though we had yet to claim and mark each other if he felt my pain he would be able to track me, to be honest I didn’t want him here at the moment however harsh that may have seemed.


“Spit it out!” I snarled, sick of both this and their company. I had woken up this morning in a good mood which had completely been wreaked thanks to the bastards who shook in front of me, what was wrong with them? Were they sad enough to wait long enough to spot me only to start shouting when they had noticed me walking past? Yes, it was clear they were but I doubt they realised they were never hidden from me to begin with; I could smell them from miles away from where they had hidden.

“I said if you didn’t leave our alpha alone we would take care of Chloe” my mother rushed out causing me to look at her in disgust, I didn’t think it was possible for me to think any less of them until she had come out with that comment. It was sickening; Chloe was a sweet and shy hearted girl who didn’t deserve this threat! I may not know her very well yet, but whether she knew it or not she had my protection simply because she was good to my brother.

“Are you now?” I sneered, having to close my eyes briefly so I didn’t alert Hunter to my strong feelings. I didn’t need his panicking, and the fact I had turned my phone off as soon as he had called was a sure sign that he was going to have my arse when I saw him next.

“Not if you-“

“NO! You listen to this; I will only be saying it once. Chloe as well as any member of the pack you have seen me with is under my protection, you hurt them and I will make sure that by the time I am finished with you there will be nothing left for them to identify your bodies with! Is that clear?” I pretty much screamed at them, startled and fearful yelps falling from their lips as they nodded quickly. I knew they didn’t even think it through though; they were cowardly enough to think that I would believe them when they nodded obediently. I didn’t, like I trusted them enough to do so.

With that I spun on my heel and stormed towards the school, tempted to skip but I didn’t want to worry Hunter more. I knew he would be concerned and angry, but to be honest the thought of curling up on his lap was too much to resist in that moment and if I had to listen to his shouting then I would rather do so while enjoying his presence. So yep, school it was.

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