Chapter 2

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Zoe’s Pov

I could feel everyone eyes on me as I hopped off the bus last, my wolf humming near the surface encase there was any sign of a threat. I loved being a wolf, having your inner animal constantly humming inside of you making it near impossible to ever feel lonely or unwanted completely. Not to mention the feeling you get when you shift, the feeling of your paws as they thump against the ground with your pace as the wind whips through your wolves coat. It’s exhilarating!

Shaking my head I ignored the shocked and disgusted stares as I headed to the front desk, very aware of a few of the pack members following me carefully. They were trying to be subtle, they were doing a terrible job of it. 

As the soft breeze blew my thick locks I felt the wind suddenly drop as I entered the building, running a hand through my windswept hair as I stood in front of the woman who looked to be in her late 20’s as she concentrated on typing away on her computer.

“Excuse me” I said after a few minutes of not getting her attention, her body jumping slightly as she let out a yelp of surprize. I rolled my eyes at her unawareness, fighting a smirk when I felt the two pack mates that were following me move closer but staying out of sight.

“Oh, you scared me” she gasped holding her chest, my wolf-hearing picking up the quick stuttering of her heart as she did so. I smiled, immediately sensing her relaxing. I had to stifle a scoff which wanted to rise from my chest, it was amusing how she felt relaxed in my presence yet I believed I was one of the most deadliest wolves here. I had seen and been involved in so much pain and suffering then should have been possible, it was odd that I wasn’t more messed up.

“Sorry, could I have my schedule please?” I asked, seemingly shocking her that I was a rouge with the rest. I didn’t sense any fear coming off her and it was clear that she thought she was extremely protected with the rest around. I doubt she realised that it would take me seconds to reach out, grab her by the neck and twist my wrist to break her throat before anyone would know what was going on. I cringed at myself, what a depressing thought!


“Zoe Greenwoods” I stated, my expression blank as I heard the nosey students near gasp as they heard it. I rolled my eyes, my father wasn’t the most important alpha out there or even here with the Midnight pack, yet I hated it whenever someone associated me with my so-called family.

“Are you Stacy’s…?” she started to ask before I snapped, cringing when I realised that my father and my so-called family were here as well. It didn’t take a genius to work out that they had somehow formed an alliance with the Midnight pack who owned this territory, and I knew if it wasn’t for the law they would have tried to slaughter every rouge that step foot in this school. It was horrific how quickly packs seemed to judge rouges, thinking of them all as enemies and not just children who hadn’t had as good of a upbringing as they obviously had.

“No, I am not related to that whore” I spat out causing her to cringe away in fear. I quickly shut my eyes, cursing when I realised she must have seen my eyes flash yellow as my wolf rose to the surface. Luckily she would think she imagined it, I mean a female shifter who was a nomad, who would believe such a thing. It was simply seen as impossible due to the female shifters being normally destined to be mated to an alpha or a power wolf, meaning families and packs wanted to keep them around.

“Careful rouge” Ah the followers have made an appearance, lovely. I bit my tongue to hold in a comment, my wolf not liking to be spoken to with such disgust meaning she was dying to get out and teach some respect! Instead I continued to bite my tongue and ignore them completely.

“Are you sure, I mean you have the same last name…” she continued confidently, obviously thinking that with the two powerful pack-members behind me she was safe. I wouldn’t hurt her though, I could smell that her scent was overcome with a males meaning she was mated. I wouldn’t take that from someone, it was just plan cruel to take away somebodies soul-mate and the thought alone made me sick.

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