Chapter 37

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Hey readers,

I know I have been extremely cruel making you wait so long but I just wanted to make sure this chapter was perfect. This is the final of the book and I have yet to decide on whether I am making a sequel or not but please let me know your thoughts.

So hope you enjoy!



Zoe’s Pov

“Hunter!” I screeched as I felt sweat pool down my face, my hair sticking uncomfortably to my skin as I tried to breathe my way through the pain. It was all my bloody mates fault! How dare he put me in this position! “Hunter!” I screeched out again.

Never before in my life had I expected my future to turn out like it had. It was perfect.  After being tossed away from my family like I had been when I was only a little older than a toddler I had prepared myself for a life on my own, where I wouldn’t be with a mate that loved me because I did not deserve it.

But now…now I knew how pathetic and truly horrific my parents really are.

Of course I had always loathed them, and whenever the taboo topic was brought up I refused to have them referred to as the people who had given birth to me. They didn’t deserve to say that I was their child, their daughter.

While I had hated the thought before I was extremely happy with how my life had turned out. I was alpha female of a powerful pack, I had a mate who adored me and was a right romantic at heart, and now I had the final factor which was about to make our lives perfect.

If only if I could get it the fuck out of me!

I remember the exact moment that it had clicked that I might have a bun in the oven, that Hunter had gotten me up the duff. I had been sitting on the pouch swing next to Ellie when I had sprinted to the bathroom with the intentions to throw up, the fact it was only the start of the morning sickness being a joke Ellie had made at my expense before the both of us had frozen.

She had rushed me to the pharmacy and was buying me a pregnancy test before I knew what had hit me. I had drawn the line at her coming inside the cubical and watching me pee on the stick though.

We were close, but not that close.

Turned out Hunter had impregnated me. My first thought had been around the basis of ‘what the hell’ before it finally clicked that I could have the family that I hadn’t thought was possible before. I couldn’t have been happier that I was pregnant with my mates child, that I was truly putting my past completely behind me for the better.

I hadn’t made a big deal of breaking the news to my mate; I knew he had been wanting to try for a baby in the first year that we had been together. Werewolves tended to get pregnant young, I mean why wouldn’t we as a race when we only had one true mate to love and hold?

He had been coming back from a pack meeting, one which usually I attended but I of course had been swept up in the emotions and missed it along with Ellie. He had just gotten inside when I broke the news to him in the bluntest possible manner,

“Honey, you’re a father.”

To say he had been shocked would have been an understatement before he had fallen to his knees, his ear pressed against my stomach causing me to roll my eyes. It had been a tad early for that.

Smiling at the memory blocked the pain for a brief second before I screeched my mates name yet again in a high pitched whine. Where the hell was he?

“He’s coming sis,” Jack winced beside me as I squeezed his hand. “Ow.”

I sneered at him. “I have to squeeze out a melon sized kid out my vagina, and your complaining about me holding your hand” I snapped at him.

Jack flushed but shut the hell up. Good.

“I still can’t believe my sisters having a baby,” he muttered almost to himself causing me to roll my eyes. What a sap.

“Do you want to check?” I raised  a brow at him causing him to flush and rapidly shake his head.

He couched awkwardly. “Urm, no thanks.”


I was brought out of my brothers’ embarrassment when I heard the voice I had been waiting for, my head snapping to the hospital door as I saw an excited but nervous Hunter rushing into the room with an apology at his lips. I glared.

“Where the hell have you been?”

Hunter winced. “Sorry baby, but-“

“What was so important that you haven’t been here while I’m trying to push your son out!” I snarled. Yes, I was pregnant with his son and the fact it was a boy only seemed to be a bonus for him. I rolled my eyes at his behaviour, who really cared if it had been a boy or a girl? But apparently the pack was looking forward to teaching him sports.

Hunter winced. “Sorry baby, but I’m here now.”

Did he really think that the fact he was here now made any difference what-so-ever? Apparently my expression said it all.

“I love you.”

I pouted at that. He knew I couldn’t stay mad at him when he went all romantic on me. Bastard.

“You’re lucky I love you-“ was all I got out before I whined low in my throat when I felt another contraction coming on. Oh god…

The next few minutes were a blur of pain and tears. Who knew giving birth could be such a painful experience? Hunter may want a house full of kids but I knew he would not be getting that wish any time soon. One was an enough for now.

As soon as the sound of a baby crying hit my hearing I slumped back on the bed, soaked through with sweat. The pack was soon filtering in and my tiny baby was in my mates’ arms as he brought him over to me.

“God I love you,”

It was a rare sight to see Hunter cry, but the happiness, love and devotion was coming off him in waves as he handed me over my son, it was enough to have my heart swelling even more for him.

“I love you to.”

And with that I knew that everything was going to be fine, because I had everything I had ever wanted. A mate who I knew was going to propose any time soon, he couldn’t keep anything from me, a new baby who I adored with all my heart and a pack who I enjoyed the company of. Hunter had banished my ‘family’ the moment he had heard the news of our little impending arrival.

I was an incredibly lucky girl.

(I know it is short but I wanted to leave it open if I did end up doing a sequel. If I did, would you guys read it? Hope you enjoyed the story! For everyone who has stuck through from beginning to end you have helped make this story.)

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