Chapter 23

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Zoe’s Pov  

I ignored my phone as it went off, my hands clenched into fists as my upper lip pulled back into a silent snarl. I could feel my palms dampening, my nails cutting deep into my flesh hard enough for me to bleed. I couldn’t help but laugh out bitterly, the bastards who stood in front of me flinching away due to the harshness of my laughter as I glared at them furiously.

How. Dare. They!

“What?” I spat, my voice filled with venom as I tried to calm myself from attacking them right there and then. I certainly wouldn’t regret it, plus I knew it would be so worth it to hear their screams of pain as I ripped them apart. No, I would enjoy every single second of it.

“We want you to leave” yep, that was what I thought they said. Could you believe the cheek they had on them, to not only approach me when I was walking down the street but to actually think they had any claim over me to think they could tell me what to do? Oh hell no…I would rather die than have anything to do with them again!

“What makes you think I would listen to you?” I snapped out, pleasure filling me when I saw them try to be subtle as they edged away from my slightly trembling form. That’s right, you should be scared of me!

“We are your parents?” my dick of a father spat causing my eyes to widen at the nerve the man had, he seriously didn’t just say that did he?

“You are no father of mine! You are a dirty old man who finds pleasure in beating the shit out of children!” I snarled, his laughs and cackles haunting me as I remembered how he would beat me only to laugh when I would cry. I was a child for fucks sake and he beat the shit out of me just for the hell of it! Who in their right mind could do that to a child!?

“I do not!” he had the nerve to lie to my face, my anger continuing to rise as he did so.

“No? So when you would whip me with your belt until my back split I was imagining it? When you would shove me down the stairs you were playing? When you repeatedly made me feel unworthy, be your slave, smack me around you were being a good father!” I screamed at him, seeing them stumble back as I did so. I couldn’t help but want to rip them apart, they disgusted me!

“Don’t speak to him like that, whether you like it or not you are our child you ungrateful brat” oh, so my bitch of a mother speaks.

“You lost the right to  call me your daughter when you tossed me away at the age of 12” I hissed lowly, seeing their own anger rise and I knew if they didn’t fear me they would have most likely attacked me already. I was messing with their plans, they wanted Stacy to mate with Hunter and to gain the benefits which came with it.

“You will listen to us Zoe” he threatened, it was pathetic.

“Or what?” I challenged as I stepped forward, getting in his face. I had nothing to lose apart from Hunter and he can bloody look after himself.

“Or we will end you” he threatened causing me to scoff. See what sort of a family I had been born into, it was disgusting to think people like these were allowed to have kids. They were horrible people who deserved none of the things they had, bastards!

“Are you threatening me?” I asked with an amused laugh, hell they were afraid of me when they didn’t know I could shift, they would probably have fainted if they were aware of all the facts. Not that I would be telling them anytime soon, it’s not like I had even the smallest amount of trust in them.

“Yes, but not just you Zoe” my bitch of a mother stated smugly, her tone making me look at her in revolution. She didn’t deserve to have kids, neither of them did.

“Oh no?” I taunted, who could they hold over me exactly.

“We may not want to lose our son Zoe, but Chloe is a whole other story” she threatened causing my eyes to widen, oh fuck no!

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