Chapter 8

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Hey readers here’s another chapter. I’m not completely happy about it since it’s more of a filler chapter but I hope you find it to your liking.

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Hunters Pov

“You’re going to love me” Ellie sang as she came jogging across the field after class, Collin immediately taking her into his arms causing a bolt of jealously and envy to run through them at how easy that had it. Not that I could blame them, I was the cause of this whole mess to begin with anyway. I was about to blank her out, cruel I know but can you blame me when my mate hates my guts, before I caught the scent of Zoe on her.

“Why do you smell like her?” I asked eagerly as we walked to lunch, ignoring Josh who moped behind me with Hannah who was also giving him her favourite punishment of withholding sex. When I found out that he had in fact had the nerve to snap at my mate I couldn’t have prevented my wolf coming to the surface even if I tried, in the end I made sure he knew exactly who was in charge. I knew he had an issue against rouges, I get that, but pushing my mate further away from me was not at all acceptable in my books.

“I had class with her, I like her” she beamed, her expression immediately bringing a similar grin on Collins face as we headed into the hall. We were centre of attention of course, we always were since we were the highest of the pack with me being the alpha and Collin the beta. Not everyone lived in the pack house, but those who did were understandably closer.

“Like who?” Jack butted in as he sat down with Chloe, the naturally shy girl blushing as everyone looked her way.

“Your sister silly, she is the single most hilarious person I have ever met” Ellie winked, the mention of his favourite sister bringing a smile to Jacks face.

“Your sister Zoe?” Chloe asked, Jack nodding eagerly. He had filled her in on my mate and it wasn’t hard to tell she was as nervous as hell to meet her, both her and Stacy did not get on at all.

“Yep, like I said Hunter you are going to love me” she beamed, my back straightening at the thought of my mate. I immediately gave her a look which meant spill, I would hate to have to alpha order her to but this was my mate we were talking about. She was my everything and the tug in my heart was getting more and more irritating and throbbing as the days went on, I knew it would only settle down once I had mated properly with her and I found myself ready to do anything to win her over.

“Well…” I growled when she drew it out, Collin glaring at me slightly but didn’t comment, even though he was my best friend and beta he knew who was in charge. “Ok, ok I kind of invited her to sit with us at lunch” she beamed, my eyes lighting up as pulled the small girl into my arms to give her a friendly hug as I whispered a thank you. Pulling away I rolled my eyes when Collin shot me a disgruntled look before taking Ellie back into his arms, I shot him a sheepish grin as I suddenly found both myself and my wolf filled with excitement and hope.

“Wait…did you say she was coming, now?” Chloe asked panicked, it was far from a secret that she was dreading meeting my mate since she feared what her reaction would be to her being her brothers mate. I had yet to tell the pack about the pathetic idiots who had made my Zoe a rouge at such a young age, I knew she would have my balls if I even thought about telling anyone else when she hadn’t said it was acceptable for me to do so. The last thing I needed was for her to have any more reasons not to talk to me, let alone hit me where it hurts.

“Yep, well she should be the teacher asked to talk to her after class” Ellie stated with a slight smirk, Collin looking worriedly at me while I grinned. It was clear my mate was going to bring Ellie out of her shell more, hell he had been shocked as well as turned on when his mate whopped after Zoe had put her sister a.k.a. my stalker in her place.

“What…what’s she like?” Chloe mumbled, Jack gazing at her with adoration as her tucked a tuck of her mousy brown hair behind her ear.

“Funny as hell, oh yea Hunter you need to start going to shifter classes with less clothes on” Ellie winked, Collins eyes popping out comically wide as he sent a glare my way as I raised my hands in mock surrender. Her comment seemed to shock the whole table, Liam chocking on his drink while Josh still sulked as he sat next to the mate which was currently ignoring him.

“Ellie!” Hannah gasped, covering her mouth to hide her stunned but amused expression as Collin still glared in my direction. What, I hadn’t forced her to say it?

“NO! I don’t mean it like that, no offence Hunter” she quickly gushed out, her cheeks flushing with a slight red as she finally realised how her comment had come out. I watched as Collin relaxed, nuzzling her neck in a possessive gesture though from the way he looked at me out of the corner of his eye I could tell he still thought he was missing something.

“None taken” I responded, still shifting in my seat as I fought the urge to look at the entrance every second to see when she was coming. What was taking her so long?

“No I mean for Zoe’s sake, when we were in English watching you guys she stated, and I quote “gorgeous” when she gazed you” Ellie giggled, the rest of the female mates gushing about having an alpha female while I gloated in the praise. I was thankful that she obviously found me attractive, she hadn’t displayed any of it in front of me and I was beginning to get worried.

“Thank god” I heard Collin mumbled under his breath, my even keener hearing picking it up though as I rolled my eyes in his direction. Like I would want his mate when I had my own perfect one, she would make a brilliant Alpha female I thought with pride.

“Shit…You may have a problem Hunter” Kelly, Liam’s mate cringed from his side as she looked towards the entrance. We all snapped out heads in her line of sight only for annoyed growls and sighs to erupt from the table as we caught sight of the blonde bitch walking across the hall. Stacy!

“Well at least she has other things on her mind, or body” Josh cringed, obviously taking note of one of the rouges who was currently eyeing her with hunger. It wasn’t a secret that she slept around, a lot, but playing with rouges like she was just to try and get a rise from me was both foolish and dangerous.

“Is she really trying to make you jealous?” Ellie scowled with disgust, since she had thankfully started to become friends with my mate she had become extremely protective of her.

“Like the slut could” a voice suddenly snorted causing us all to jump, the delicious scent of my mate wafting into my senses making me want to both purr in delight as well as to pin her down and mate with her until I had her screaming my name in pleasure.

“Zoe” I breathed, quickly looking around her see her standing there in all her beauty. God she was amazing…

“Hunter” she greeted flatly, my wolf shunning back as I felt my face fall slightly before blanking it into an expressionless mask. Ouch.

“Zoe!” Ellie squealed excitedly, clapping her hands in a childish manner as she greeted my mate. A smiled appeared on Zoe’s lips, and while my wolf praised in her being happy I couldn’t help but wish it was me who put it there. Soon my wolf purred, soon… 

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