Chapter 13

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Hey readers,

Thanks again for all the support, it means a lot and encourages to me write quicker!

Just to warn you this is a lot shorter than my other chapters but I had to shorten it to give it a better effect, hope you don’t mind and don’t worry I will make up for it by posting the next chapter as quickly as I can.

Hope you enjoy reading; I made this one in hunters point of view so we can get inside our favourite werewolves head.

Lots of love


Hunter’s Pov

I couldn’t remove the grin from my face even though I attempted to do so, here I was sitting in one of my favourite diners with my soul-mate in front of me. I was relieved when she didn’t seem to over react to me taking her away from the school, but being the alpha it was extremely easy to do since I ran all this territory.

Looking at her now though I couldn’t help but already find myself falling for her, how could I not when she was completely perfect in my eyes? While she couldn’t shift I found it didn’t bother me, why would it when she was my perfect match and my equal in every way. She was mine as I was hers, she just needed to give in and accept that fact.

“You have some ice-cream right there” I smirked, my comment causing her to look up from her half full bowl with a raised brow.

“What?” she asked in a duh tone, obviously thinking I was an idiot for pointing out that fact. I shook my head chuckling, raising my hand a I pointed to the side of my mouth.

“You have some ice-cream on your lip” I chuckled, trying to keep in my laughter as I saw her narrow her eyes in my direction. It wasn’t until she slowly, seductively ran that pink tongue of hers over her bottom lip, effectively getting the small mess that I felt my laughter die down as I stared at her hungrily. Hell she could make simple things like eating desert make both me and my wolf howl in desire, I wanted her! Oh did I want her!

“Did I get it?” she smirked causing me to huff, she knew exactly what she was doing to me but when her delightful laughter filled the room I couldn’t help but shake my head with a smile, her mood being contagious to both me and my wolf.

“So you want to tell me why you thought it was smart to kidnap me?” she asked with a raised brow causing me to cringe at her term.

“I did not ‘kidnap’ you as you so delightfully put it, merely wanted to be in your company” I stated, trying to seem impassive but failing miserably. I watched as she leaned back in the booth, tilting her head to the side as she seemed to think it over.

“You confuse me” she finally spoke after what seemed like hours, when I knew it was no more than 5 minutes. I raised a brow but gestured her to go on, finding myself incredibly curious with what she had to say. Hell I would listen to whatever she had to say if it meant hearing her voice, being close to her. God I was so whipped.

“You insult me as you mate-“ she stated before I made a move to interrupt her “I know, I know you didn’t mean to blah, blah, blah. Anyway you seem to get over your hate for rouges yet what? You still want to be my mate even though I can’t shift?” she asked, seemingly pained when she said the last part. I quickly sat up straighter, did she believe any different?

“I don’t give a shit if you can phase or not Zoe, as for how I treated you at the beginning…I…I hate myself for it truly. But I want, no need you to give me a second chance Zoe, please” I practically begged, not caring if anyone heard me do so. Hell I would get on my hands and knees in front of her if it would get me back in her good books.

I didn’t know what I expected when I confessed it to her my thoughts on the whole shifting aspect, but what I didn’t expect was her to react so drastically to my confession. Within seconds after I had finished my comment I watched open mouthed and pained as her eyes glossed over before a sob rose from her throat, the expression in her eyes which was something akin to…adoration. I could only hope.

“Zoe? Zoe!” I shouted after her when she suddenly fled to the bathroom, having no idea what the hell I was meant to do when I could feel that she was hurting. Was it something I said to her? I quickly backtracked our conversation, not knowing what I had said to make her react in such a way.

I continued to wait for my mate as she stayed in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, though after roughly 20 minutes she came out. I felt my heart break as I took in her puffy eyes, her slightly paler face as she made her way over to me in a confident way, though the effect she was going for was ruined when I caught sight of her bloodshot emerald eyes.

“Zoe, are you ok? Did I say something? Do you want-“ I started as I stood up to greet her, my eyes filled with worry as concern dropped from every word which fell from my lips.

It was then I took note of the apprehension in her eyes along with a determined expression, I was about to ask what was going on inside of that pretty head of hers when she stopped in front of me, her scent invading my senses causing my body to pulse and twitch in need.

“Once chance” was all she breathed before her small hand wrapped itself around her neck and pulled me down. I felt her heartbeat increase radically as I closed my eyes, my head tilting as I breathed in her delicious scent. All I could think was if I died right now, I would die a happy man. 

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