Chapter 26

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Hey readers,

Sorry for the wait but I hope this chapter makes up for it. I know you are all keen for Hunter to find out that Zoe can shift but think about how hard it must be on her, she has never told a soul about her ability so it has got to be hard to open up, even if she is beginning to trust Hunter with her heart and her secrets.

Anyway it won’t be long so keep an eye out for the dramatic chapter; I will be making it dramatic after all.

So with that thanks to everyone who took the time to tell me who’s Pov you want, it was about even by the time I decided to tackle writing this chapter so I had to pick what I thought you guys would have liked the best, not to mention what would have worked the most effective with what I wanted to happen within the chapter. In the end I decided to do Zoe’s Pov, but while the chapter is short the next one will be longer since I will be doing Hunters Pov I think. Depends really...

Anyway long authors note but thank you for reading it. With that here is the chapter so read on and enjoy, not to mention comment and vote to tell me what you think!

Lots of love


Zoe’s Pov

I was sitting propped up against a tree on the large fields surrounding the school, my mood switching between annoyance and understanding as I stared at the maths sums in front of me. Surprisingly my emotions had nothing to do with the fact the teacher had given all the students in his class a large amount of homework that even the smartest people would struggle with, it had nothing to do with the fact my pen had leaked over my work nor the fact I had left my sunglasses at home meaning I had no choice but to suffer through the annoying light as it glared off the pages in front of me. No, it had everything to do with the fact that I was stuck at school while my mate and the pack had to deal with a situation with a number of routes approaching their territory.

I knew that he was ok, of course he was and however cruel it may have sounded I wasn’t worried about him. Not because I didn’t care, I cared a lot for my mate, but I knew he was an amazingly werewolf and alpha and he would make sure nothing happened to him. I wasn’t a clingy person by nature, I enjoy his company no end but I wasn’t begging him to spend all his day with me. I wouldn’t mind if I did don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t want to or feel the need to smother him or stalk him wherever he went like my pathetic sister.

The rouges had crossed the territory boarders and they had nothing to do with the school, meaning that by cutting across a packs territory it meant they were a threat that needed to be dealt with. Personally I had been attacked a number of times, I had always managed to get away of course since I was still breathing but that didn’t mean I didn’t have a few close times. I honestly thought it was disgusting how packs dealt with rouges, I like myself and a lot of other rogues here didn’t become rouges by choice, we had no choice and yet we were hunted down because of it!

I scowled at my thoughts, wiping my black stained hands on the grass around me as I tried to clear away the ink which had leaked from my now useless pen. I was annoyed that they had left me even though I understood why; they didn’t think I could shift so naturally I wouldn’t have been much help if the situation would have turned serious. Never mind the fact that I was probably there best fighter, having the experience and such in attacking with the intent to kill.

Sighing I knew I couldn’t blame him, but just sitting around doing nothing was a real pain in the arse. The fact I could be helping only making it worse, and I knew if anything happened to Hunter or my brother than I would never forgive myself. Even so I stayed put, not wishing for Hunter to find out that I could shift this way.

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