Chapter 21

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Sorry for those who are after action but this chapter is yet another filler, but not to worry i am building up to something great, I promise.

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Warning this chapter does contain some scenes of naughtiness, you have been warned!!!

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Zoe’s Pov

I couldn’t help but grin as I sprinted into the bathroom, the fact he was being so sweet meaning that he was successfully breaking down my inner walls that I had spent years putting up with effectively little ease. I didn’t really know what to think of it, but I knew I could and would be extremely happy if I let him in and I was slowly doing so, but I knew I needed time.

When he stuck up for me when my pathetic parents were in the kitchen when I arrived I couldn’t help but feel touched, even when I was blind with rage that he had the bastards in his house I couldn’t help but let my gaze soften when I looked at him. I knew I may have overreacted with my comment, but what I said was nothing short of true since I had ripped out a number of throats in my past due to being a rouge, just because I was mated to an alpha didn’t change that fact at all.

I couldn’t believe have close I had been to phrasing right there and then when I caught both there familiar scent and spotted them sitting at the table as if they hadn’t abandoned a child who had been merely 12, the tremors raking through my body as I tried to hold off on the urge to become one with my wolf when I caught sight of them. I had never had so much trouble calming my urges before, but then again I never expected to meet the people that made my life hell again and not to attack with the intent to kill instantly.

I had always pictured what it would be like if I met them again, let’s just say it involved screams, blood and me cackling sadistically as I looked at their bloody and still bodies. Depressing I know, but one can dream.

Quickly taking a shower I slipped back on my bra as well as the shirt I had ‘borrowed’ from Hunter before frowning at what to wear under the shirt, while at home it wouldn’t have bothered me I didn’t exactly want Hunter to catch a glimpse of me going commando. I trusted him with asking him to take it slow, but I knew he only had so much restraint.

Sighing I looked around the room before grabbing a pair of clean boxers which he had piled on a shelf, slipping them on before rolling the waist band over a few times since there were massive on my small form.  

“Perfect” I beamed before glancing at my reflection, grabbing his comb which lay on the sink before struggling to brush my hair with it. Couldn’t he use a brush like normal people?

Once I was sure I looked fine I walked back into the bedroom only to freeze when a growl suddenly filtered into my ears, the sound making me shiver in delight as I slowly turned around only to shudder when I caught sight of what was in front of me. There Hunter was, shirtless in only a pair of boxers, looking at me as if I was a gazelle and he was the lion.

I couldn’t help but find it arousing, who wouldn’t when your hot as hell mate was looking at you like you were his prey. His eyes were dark, almost a pitch black instead of their normal hazel brown as his gaze raked over my form in a way which made me feel as if I was naked and bare in front of him.

His nostrils were flaring, obviously picking up on how suddenly heated I felt under his gaze. I knew he could smell my arousal, and for some reason that only served as a further turn on for me. YUM!

It was when my eyes ran over his body that I felt myself nearly combust with desire, want and lust. His own lust was clearly visible from the dent in his boxers, and I had to literally snap my head back to his to prevent drooling over his more than adequate bulge.  

My head was becoming hazy with pleasure, I was so out of it that I didn’t hear nor see Hunter move until he was in front of me, a deep and constant growl rumbling in his chest as he looked down on me. He practically towered over my from, making me seem more than a little petite compared to his height as I had to crane my head up slightly to look into his dark and lustful gaze. Oh god did I want him…

“Zoe” was all he growled, and as if reading my thoughts he pinned me against the wall in seconds, his lips crashing onto mine in a fierce dance as we fought for dominance. He didn’t bother to ask permission for his tongue to enter my mouth, no he forced it passed my lips so roughly and quickly that I felt my toes curl on his dark carpet as I moaned into his mouth.

“God, what are you doing to me?” he grunted in my neck as well pulled apart, somehow my legs had wrapped themselves around his waist as I ground against him with more than a little passion. I knew if he wasn’t holding back, fearing that he would push me too far, he would have taken me right there and then against the wall. It was that thought I knew he was perfect, I mean who many guys would be sweet and caring enough to wait?

Knowing I needed to slow this down, and while the last thing I would mind was pouncing on him right there and then I wasn’t ready for him marking me. I knew the urge would be too much for him to resist while we mated, his teeth sinking into where my throat joined my neck as soon as we climaxed and I wasn’t ready to be tied down so  much yet. I knew we would eventually end up together, hopefully, but I didn’t want it to be labelled yet and I would be if I let him. I was not ready to be the alpha female, far from it due to being so used to being alone for so many years.

Slowing down the kiss I stopped it by playing with his bottom lip in my mouth, nipping it slightly before releasing it with a lustful grin. We were both still panting, his hands firmly on my upper thighs as he held me against the wall. Sighing I took in his flushed and aroused state, I had never seen anything sexier.

“What was that for?” I panted with a lustful grin, squeezing at his shoulders to get him to put me down. He did so, though I could feel the pure reluctance and effort it took him to step a few paces away from me. I would have felt guilty, if I wasn’t feeling the exact same.

“I like you in my clothes” was all he said before practically running into the bathroom, leaving me grinning when I heard the shower turn on.

“Cold shower it is then” I smirked, speaking my amused thoughts out loud as I shook my head with a chuckle. Though the mental image of him standing naked, water running down his body and abs was enough to snap me out of it as I practically bolted out the door as to not be tempted to join him…

I know it’s short but the next chapter is nearly finished so it won’t be long at all until it’s up to make up for it. Expect drama!!

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