Thori Khatti Mithi Life by Taani10
Thori Khatti Mithi Lifeby Taani10
As some of you so badly want me to write about brothers so umm yes ... i have thought of writing... a new story of brothers lets see how u gyzz like it...
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Manan-Mr.CEO's JAAN by Krazyreader18
Manan-Mr.CEO's JAANby Isabella Collins
What happens when Nandini Murthy is forced in marriage in which she is totally not interested. She can't go against her father but she doesn't want to do the marriage to...
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We care for each other🤗 by Walia12
We care for each other🤗by Walia12
Sanskar and Laksh are two brothers who used to love each other from childhood...they love each other to the core but what happens in the past that sanskar started hating...
  • swasan
  • brotherhood
  • cute
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In dark room only dim light was there a man was hitting himself badly by belt blood was oozing from his body parts but he was not stopping. Man: no on this can't happen...
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Sacred Marriage- Another Tale Of Manan by cocoa-loco
Sacred Marriage- Another Tale Of coco
146-Romance- 2/07/18
  • bromance
  • family
  • love
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The Mentor (Tony Stark and Peter Parker) by PingGal15
The Mentor (Tony Stark and Peter PingGal15
Father-son one shots. Just lil stories with some heart-warming bonding in them. Could be funny, could be sad. Who knows? These are mostly in Peter's point of view. Warni...
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In the Name of Love (Larry Stylinson) by harrys-rings
In the Name of Love (Larry Court
Harry Styles gets dragged into the woods by his best friend, and then they get separated. Harry, terrified and not even wanting to be there in the first place, wanders a...
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MANAN - Happily Married by priyaswetuuu
MANAN - Happily Marriedby M.S.vishnu priya
Holaaaa guysssss.............. Im here with yet another story on MANAN............. This is a bit different story guysss........... This is a bit traditional story...
  • manan
  • family
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A Bat Brother Deaged (Complete/Editing) by MarvelandDCunite
A Bat Brother Deaged (Complete/ Ginny A. /GFA
What happens when The deadly Red Hood is turned to an adorable Three Year Old! A deadly adorable mess. With no memory to his past, Batman and family must find the Manic...
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I can just love u.... by prathanasweety
I can just love prathanasweety
Life is a mystery. Let's see what life has in store for our beloved couple manan
  • businessman
  • pain
  • nandini
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Naruto the Neglected ANBU (slow updates)  by legendarycouchpotato
Naruto the Neglected ANBU (slow some unimportant stuff
Minato and Kushina didn't die the day the Kyubi attacked. He also has a younger brother and sister; Menma and Mito. Naruto is neglected by the villagers and even his ow...
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Impregnable Bonds by vintage_love_16
Impregnable Bondsby Emilia Hastings
There is a 1.5th chance in a 100 of being the lucky triplets. Here's one which will entertain you. Aiden, Alex and Addison Maine were those three lucky siblings whic...
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BTS Littles by Monster1230
BTS Littlesby midnight_monster
Best Awards: #1 - Favorites #1 - Tantrums #3 - vkookmin A compilation of the maknae line as littles that the hyung line has to take care of. 7/7/18-ongoing
  • babysitting
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Being Alive Is Being With You by PriyankaDhingra0
Being Alive Is Being With Youby Priyanka Dhingra
It is a story about two friends and their journey from being friends to being life partners . It is a sweet story full of love, light moments, family love and lots of ma...
  • siblings
  • bonding
  • bonds
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U R the ONE for ME by vidyaperla
U R the ONE for MEby vidyaperla
Manik Malhothra - The name it self gives chills to the Girl Fans.Yes he is the Celebraty,Main Male lead of " Kaise Yeh Yaariyaan " TV Show and Hero of "...
  • action
  • family
  • love
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Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Eren by ErenPastel
Meant To Be Yours ~|||~ Levi x Erenby Disappointing
Levi x Eren Omegaverse and Soulmate AU crossover. --- 18 year old Eren Jeager, a transferred student who moved from Germany to France due to schooling issues and his fa...
  • crying
  • mpreg
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CAN WE LOVE??? - CRAZYMAHIZ by crazymahiz
Winner of Best Chicklit story in Abhigya awards 2018.... #1 in Social Issues (10/05/2018 -13/05/18, 14/9/18 to 20/09/18, 07/10/18) #1 in fallinginloveagain (02/11/18) #1...
  • emotions
  • pragya
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Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne one shots by shasta85
Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne shasta85
Some cute and fluffy (stitch: cute and fluffy! 'LILO and stitch') one shots of the oldest and youngest birds of the batfamily: don't own anything
  • bonding
  • damianwayne
  • love
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'Til Our Last Breath ||Wattys 2018|| by queenmariyaa
'Til Our Last Breath ||Wattys Queen Mariya 👑
#1 in Mafiaromance ❤️ •••• UNEDITED ... •••• Meet Avery Jackson A twenty two year old beautiful , innocent girl who loves children and leads a simple life . Doing her g...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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Percy Jackson sings to the Greek Gods by lilypad_make
Percy Jackson sings to the Greek lilypad_make
I Read a fanficition and I thought it was really good but sadly the person did not continue so i decided to write my own version.
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