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Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne one shots by shasta85
Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne shasta85
Some cute and fluffy (stitch: cute and fluffy! 'LILO and stitch') one shots of the oldest and youngest birds of the batfamily: don't own anything
  • love
  • dickgrayson
  • damianwayne
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Sisters bond by kookiemunster02
Sisters bondby Mrs.Mad Hatter
15 year olds Cathy and Cassy are perfect. They have a perfect normal life. That life lasts until their 16th birthday, the day they become dark angels. Their father was a...
  • love
  • devil
  • angel
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Disney/Florida Experience! by ThereIsNoAuthorSry
Disney/Florida Experience!by Dani🌼💗
Come with me and experience this through words!
  • humid
  • bonding
  • family
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Betrayer:- The man who never came back by NishthaJain08
Betrayer:- The man who never Nishtha jain
Could you forgive your betrayer??
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • bonding
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Counting Up by X-Toran-X
Counting Upby X-Toran-X
"I've always liked the stars. The way they twinkle like millions of little gemstones. I used to try and count each of them. Sometimes getting far in the thousands b...
  • school
  • adventure
  • power
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"All For One and One Against All Odds" by seenleaf
"All For One and One Against All seenleaf
This is the third short story I've wrote. Though it takes place on the battlefield, don't expect much fighting. For me I prefer to tell stories about the characters, tho...
  • hope
  • bonds
  • dreams
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Element-4 by AbiaAnsar
Element-4by Abia Ansar Ali
A beautiful adventure of four girls, they have a life every girl would dream of, with some struggles they get what they desire. They all discover something strange...
  • humor
  • gift
  • bonding
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Internal Struggles by SarahJaneDuplessis
Internal Strugglesby Sarah Jane Duplessis
Chloe is a shy girl who sits comfortably at 5'3 with medium length brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes; but like many, Chloe has a secret - she's depressed and lonely al...
  • cutting
  • bonding
  • tragedy
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The Source & The Wire by LiaCooperAuthor
The Source & The Wireby Lia Cooper
  • soulmates
  • accidental
  • soul
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Kissed with Disaster (on hold) by S1Ledonna8T
Kissed with Disaster (on hold)by S1Ledonna8T
This is just a small part from this story...
  • club
  • warlocks
  • pain
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Where Do Broken Dreams Go? by itzelmin0306
Where Do Broken Dreams Go?by itzelmin0306
Two groups of best friends who were always at each other's throats shared a common dream/goal to become idols. Tag along with these four in the adventure of a lifetime.
  • love
  • self-love
  • family
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Letters from a daughter to her father. by minshuel
Letters from a daughter to her minshuel
Dedicated to my daddy, thank you for always supporting me and loving me. A reminder to myself on the special bond we share.
  • love
  • father
  • family
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When I first saw you I fell in love and you smile by ZorenGutierrez
When I first saw you I fell in ZorenGutierrez
One day after the city meet they invite me to join them. We went to trutea I saw a beautiful young woman named Kath she's with carmela. She ordered me to do a favor to...
  • texting
  • bonding
  • kath
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ten nights at inside out by Rayblade9000
ten nights at inside outby Rayblade9000
this story is based of five nights at freddy's but with the emotions as in there emotion state so this one has none of the animitronics I think just came to my head. d...
  • bonding
  • comfort
  • fun
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After That Day : The Last Stand (book 2) by discodivamaro
After That Day : The Last Stand ( Maro
You didn't expect to see me again, now did u? Well a lot has changed since we last talked, and when I say a lot I mean a lot. Big foots at this moment are the very least...
  • love
  • humor
  • thriller
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Despite What We're Told by n3v34m1nd
Despite What We're Toldby N3v34m1nd
In this world, young children and dragons are bonded to one another. They share everything with each other: thoughts, feelings, hunger. Humans Ray and Jackie have been t...
  • pessimistic
  • sick
  • fighting
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Wayward Dimension by _lilsolenya
Wayward Dimensionby Allison Anne ♡
Everything happens for a reason... right? Have you stopped to consider that if you hadn't made a certain decision, life would have turned out totally different? Alexys...
  • fanfiction
  • family
  • featured
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The Garden by blackvalleygirl
The Gardenby blackvalleygirl
Magnolia Delphine LaBlanc is a 17 year old girl Living in New Orleans. Due to her sheltered life she was never able to experience what life was like outside her mansion...
  • voodoo
  • death
  • southern
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