Chapter 4

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Hunters Pov

He felt as if his skin was crawling, his ears ringing constantly as his inner wolf howled and cried out for the mate he knew he had.

It had been almost a an entire week since he had finally discovered his soul-mate in the attractive looking girl who he had treated so harshly with his friends, he couldn’t however much he tried get the image of her pain stricken face out of his head. It seemed to repeat over and over again in his mind as if his wolf was punishing him for not following his instincts in the first place.

What the hell was he going to do? The thought that she had left and wasn’t coming back scared the hell out of him, once an alpha wolf found his mate the need to claim and be with her constantly was stronger than anything he had imagined when his dad had explained it to him.


He had found out her name from the secretary, apparently she had the last name of the only female shifter in the school and practically bitten her head off when she even considered it to the girl. He smirked, though it soon turned into his usual scowl when he internally kicked himself at how he had acted towards her.

“You already mate?” Jack asked cautiously, the entire back had been tip-toeing around him since he spilled the beans and now his harsh mood was at an entire new level according to the mind of his beta. Most tried to keep away from him, his wolf already to the surface as all he couldn’t think about was the raven haired girl.

“What do you think?” I growled out at the slightly shorter boy in front of me, taking note with a scoff at how he took a few steps back at my tone. You would have thought with him having alpha blood in him he would have stood his ground more, but he knew Jack hated it when people brought up his blood.

“Look mate did you get the name of the girl?” he asked suddenly, scratching the back of his neck as he looked anywhere but at me. I stared at him with a raised brow, why the hell did he want to know that?

“Yes” was my flat reply causing his eyes to widen slightly.

“And….” He pressed, causing my thoughts to drift to what I could remember about her. I wish I had listened to the signals sooner and took the time to take her in since I could barely remember anything else but her curves. I knew she was hot, that much was clear but I had been so concentrated on how my wolf was acting that it affected my normally very observant mood.

“Zoe” I stated, my tone growing quiet as I felt my eyes glaze over as I thought of her. I growled, rubbing my face in my hands as I sat on the corner of my bed with my head down. What was I going to do? He knew he couldn’t live without her, when a wolf meets their mate they have no choice but to claim them eventually or the wolf would go mad. It normally wasn’t a problem, seeing as how a wolfs mate should be their perfect match in every way, but he had to fuck that up didn’t he?

“Zoe?” Jack suddenly questioned, his eyes wide as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  

“Yes, why?” I asked with narrowed eyes, if he knew something then I was going to get it out of him whether he was willing or not.

“Shit! Crap…what’s her surname?” he asked, running his hand through his hair. His sudden change of attitude had me interested, my back straightening up as I watched him with keen eyes. He knew something.

“Strangely the same as yours, but that’s ridiculous isn’t it…” I trailed off only to have my eyes widen when I saw the hopeful look on his face as his eyes shone with recognition. It was then I remembered that both him and Stacy did have a sister who ran away when she was younger, why I didn’t know since Stacy was spoilt even more than I was.

“Wow” he breathed, my eyes widening and I was in front of him in a second, my tall height meaning I could look down on him slight to make myself look even more intimidating.

“You know where she is right?” I asked, my eyes shining with hope but my voice was rough and harsh. My wolf was inching for anything to do with my mate; I needed her more than I cared to admit.

“I can’t believe you treated her like that” Jack said suddenly furious as something clicked in his head, but the next thing he knew I had my hand wrapped around his throat as I shoved him up against the wall causing him to grunt out in both surprize and pain.

“You WILL tell me where she is, remember your place Jack” I seethed, my voice filled with my Alpha command making it impossible for him to resist what I asked even if he wanted to. It worked on everyone; even if they didn’t shift I was able to command them as long as they were part of my pack.

“I…I can’t breathe” Jack managed to gasp out, his arms still by his sides but his hands twitched with the effort not to try and pull himself out of my grasp. He knew it was useless, that it would only enrage me further if he attempted to get away. I smirked, he was smarter than I gave him credit for.

“Talk” I spat, loosening my hold enough for him to slump but never releasing my grip. I may trust him, he is one of my closest friends after all, but that didn’t mean my mate came before him. If he had information on where she was, then I wanted to know it whether he thought it was relevant or not.

“I didn’t see her but I think she’s my sister” Jack breathed out, the command setting in meaning he had no choice but to answer, even if he looked pained.

“You’re sister?” I asked dumb folded, finally releasing him from my grip as I paced my room while he caught his breath as he panted against the wall. I rolled my eyes, if he hadn’t of stalled then he wouldn’t have been on the receiving end of my command. Simple really.

“Yea…she mention she was starting a new school, it was why I was eager to get going the first day” he explained, only confusing me further. I quickly spun around to face him, snorting when I saw him still sprawled out on the floor as he leant back against my deep green walls.

“I thought you said she went missing?” I asked with a frown, was he lying to me?

“Bullshit” he scoffed, “She got kicked out when she was younger, we keep in touch but only to make sure were alive if you know what I mean” he stated but the only words reassured to me where that she got kicked out! How dare they kick out my mate!

I could feel myself shaking in anger, my eyes flashing a dangerous yellow as I saw Jack quickly scramble up while backing away from me slowly and cautiously. I would have laughed if I wasn’t so pissed, how dare his parents kick out my soul-mate? What the hell were they thinking, even if she hadn’t of been my mate she was still a female which meant she should never have been a rouge in the first place. Didn’t they know how dangerous it was out there, especially for one of our kind?

“They KICKED her out!” I snarled at him, my tone filled with pure rage as I tried to hold off the urge to track down his parents and rip my canines into their pathetic throats. Well I thought, my respect for them was gone.

“Look mate it’s in the past, but you really need to calm down” Jack tried to reason but it had no effect, that was until his next comment “I can help you, me and Zoe get on well considering the situation but I can help you win her over” he quickly stated, effectively calming me down enough to stop shaking. I didn’t realise how close I had been to phasing, the last thing I needed was to rip up my room if I shifted into my wolf form in here. My room was big, but I was a very impressive size for a wolf thanks to my alpha genes.

“You’ll help me win her over?” I repeated, my tone still harsh but I could feel the hope bloom inside of me at his suggestion.

“Yep mate, I’ll help ya” Jack stated, knowing that if he wanted to get the pack back to the relaxing mood it had previously been he had to help me win his sister over. I sighed, I could only hope she gave second chances. 

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