Chapter 32

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Zoe’s Pov

I couldn’t help but laugh as I bounced slightly in Hunters arms as he jogged us towards the pack house, a bright smile lighting up my features as I couldn’t help but burry my face against his neck as I breathed in his scent. It was clear that he was still wound up after our previous make-out, his muscles tense as a low but constant grow rumbled in his chest making my wolf purr in comfort and delight at the pure sound of it alone. It was more than a little satisfying.

I didn’t know what had him so wound up when we were in wolf form, my mind not yet being linked to his and such, but whatever it was I knew it had to be bad. When he had phased into human form the pure anger that had been on his face was impressive to say the least, hell I knew that if it wasn’t for the fact I was his mate I would have ran away from him quicker than I could blink. He looked aggressive and violent, but oh so gorgeous.

“What’s going to happen?” I mumbled against him as he slowed down his run to a gentle jog, his pace decreasing until he was walking with me still in his arms.

He seemed to stiffen slightly at my question, it clearly making him uncomfortable but I didn’t let up nor did I take it back. If this mate thing was going to work then he can’t hide things from me, even if I again felt like a total hypocrite due to me hiding about being a wolf and such. Never had I been more relieved that he didn’t seem to mind, rather enjoying me being able to phase. That didn’t mean that I was naïve enough to believe that the subject was over, he was going to approach it some time or another and when he did I knew I would have to be completely and utterly honest with him.

“I don’t know” I heard him mutter causing me to frown. Moving my head slightly I sank my teeth into the flesh of his skin beneath his Adams apple, not enough to draw blood but enough for him to feel it as he jerked slightly against the sudden action. “Zoe!” he growled, his husky tone telling me he was far from angry with the action on my part.

“Spill!” I demanded as I pulled my mouth away from the flesh of his neck, letting my tongue trail over my bite mark to sooth any sting that might be present. I couldn’t help but shiver when he growled again, the deep and dangerous sound sending pleasurable tingles through my body making me flush with excitement.

“Peter and Lisa wanting to stay for Stacy’s benefit isn’t the worst news I was given” Hunter stated making me tense, what could be worse than hearing that my parents wanted to stay at the place which was considered like my second home? I knew though that if Hunter caved, letting them stay then I wouldn’t be going there anymore, I simply couldn’t risk the temptation of killing them instantly every time my wolf could pick up on their scents. It wouldn’t be long until they were a mess of bloody limp limbs on the floor, just how I wanted them.

“Then what is?” I asked, slightly worried about what his anger would be.

At this I felt his arms tighten around me harshly, not enough to cause me any discomfort but enough for me to grasp onto the fact that he was not only feeling protective but possessive over me, leading me to assume that it had something to do with my well-being. I was right of course.

“They want me to…punish you” he spat out through gritted teeth, saying the word ‘punish’ with so much disgust, so much anger that even I had to stifle a flinch from his tone.

Sighing I leaned my head back against him, not feeling it in me to work up the energy to be either angry or disgusted with them over what they had clearly demanded. To be honest it wasn’t exactly surprising, they were trying to take the opportunity to hurt me but I knew for a fact it wouldn’t work. It was foolish of them to even think it would get them what they wanted though, asking an Alpha to punish his mate was probably the most stupidest thing that a pack member could do. Not only that but it was suicide; you do not threaten the safety and wellbeing of your superiors mate, ever!

“Calm down” I soothed as I reached up to cup his cheek, letting my thumb stroke his cheek as I craned my head up slightly to look at him with a soft smile. He was so beautiful to me, so fucking perfect that it hurt.

“Why aren’t you angry? Hurt?” he couldn’t help but ask, his eyes glistening with confusion causing my smile to widen softly.

“I’m not hurt Hunter because it doesn’t surprise me, I mean honestly, does it surprise you?” I asked with a raised brow before I gestured for him to stop, wanting to stretch my legs since they were starting to cramp. I hadn’t realised how far out we were into the forest until now, but my legs were killing me and I needed to walk at least to stretch them out.

“I guess not, but that doesn’t mean I like it” he grunted as he reluctantly seemed to put me down, keeping an arm around my waist as the material of his shirt seemed to bunch slightly showing more of my upper thigh. I could tell he had took notice since his deep growl rumbled through his chest as I stretched my legs out in front of me, probably not the best thing to do considering it only rose the shirt higher up on my form, unintentionally revealing more of my tanned skin for his eyes to roam over hungrily.

“I don’t like it either Hunter, and my eyes are up here” I replied cheekily when I saw his gaze on my butt, his hands running up and down my sides before he walked behind me, stilling his large hot hands on my hips as we started to walk the small distance between the woods and the pack house.

“I like your arse” I heard him mutter before his hands seemed to creep down my body, the heat from his skin radiating through the bottom of the shirt as he cupped my half-moon cheeks causing me to gasp and jump away from him with a playful glare that had him smiling sheepishly.

“Keep on track Hunter” I snapped playfully as I clicked my fingers in his face, his hand snapping out as he wrapped his fingers around my wrist gently, pulling my flush against him as my breath hit his bare chest causing him to shiver.

“Why? I like what we’re doing right now” he purred out as I felt his nose trailed up the side of my cheek before his lips brushed my temple, my breathing suddenly becoming a whole lot deeper and more ragged.

“Because…”I swallowed, trying to catch my breath as well as to try and tamper down on my steadily rising lust for my mate. “Because we need to get back, I mean the longer we are don’t you think the more they will be thinking that you agree, that you should punish me?” I asked, not meaning to be cruel but knowing it would snap him out of it.

I was right of course, his vicious growl causing me to jump slightly as I suddenly found myself back in his arms as his previously steady pace had increased in to a fast jog that would have us there in minutes. It did of course, the pack house coming into view in no time as he kept me in his arms in a way which I knew he wouldn’t be letting me go anytime soon. I only hoped that he had the sense not to move me in a way which would bunch up the shirt I was wearing, the last thing I wanted was to flash anyone since I was going commando in a shirt that only reached my mid-thigh. Yep, I did not want to give anyone a view of the junction between my legs that was for sure.

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