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When the Sun meets the Moon by cupcakes-lover
When the Sun meets the Moonby cupcakes-lover
Cursed by the Moon. Alone. She can only survive. *** Try to read this story, you might be surprised. *I do not own the rights to the cover's picture. #2 #projectwoma...
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Storm of Bells by RobThier
Storm of Bellsby Robert Thier
Never do what you're told, never boil your own head in vinegar and, most important of all, never ever marry a man-those have always been Lilly Linton's principles for a...
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⭐Chasing Violet⭐ by sallye26
⭐Chasing Violet⭐by Sally
Mia Matthews Feisty, witty, has mild anger issues, which she blames on her 4 overprotective older brothers and hates almost every breathing thing on planet earth, prefer...
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Taming Kate {Completed√} •TK• by Estyshawl
Taming Kate {Completed√} •TK•by Esther Dibie
Kate, a witty and strong headed woman was always used to getting her way because everyone feared her and didn't want to get on her bad side. heck! even her father was sc...
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The Billionaire's Wife | #Wattys2016 #1 in Chicklit by XxBlueBlusherxX
The Billionaire's Wife | #Wattys20...by A.G. xX
2015 © S A F I E They never did fall into love. They were forced to marry each other for the sake of their companies. He hated her impulsive and silly ways. She hated...
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The Billionaire And The B And B by rutimabe
The Billionaire And The B And Bby rutimabe
The Women of Woodstock (Book 1) Jasper Jackson billionaire movie mogul and utter bastard, he didn't need to chase women, they chased him, would do anything for him to st...
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His Unwanted Desire  by Gujiya
His Unwanted Desire by Nikita
I pushed him with a lot of force which made him stumble but he succeeded in maintaining his balance and escaped from falling. That was when I got a chance to see his fac...
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Biker Baby (BWWM)  by Lucy_Pearl
Biker Baby (BWWM) by #DiverseBooks
16 year old Isabelle Montgomery had one mission: take care of her terminally ill mother. Beside her mother as she took her last breath, she revealed a secret. Isabelle's...
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His Little games by salaire77
His Little gamesby Lola
Tight bras and tiny panties...Callum liked girls in those. Jenna needed a job. She need one desperately. But when she doesn't have much to offer her boss, apart from her...
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The Boss by Shauna_shay
The Bossby Shauna_shay
Cold. Iced. Frosty. Aloof. All compatible, making the perfect package. That was the aura he dispersed. His comportment was nothing less of that. Arrogant. Sexy. Beaut...
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King   by curlynerd4ever
King by CurlyNerd
A werewolf is wolf and man. Both equal, both co-operative. Together. But what happens, when a man and wolf decide to go to a civil war? And therefore leaving their entir...
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MASON (Campbells, #1) by forevertoofar
MASON (Campbells, #1)by Zee
-can be read as a stand-alone- --- One of the most powerful men in England, Mason Campbell was cold, hard and unapologetic. The wind...
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Runaway Fiancée by sweetdreamer33
Runaway Fiancéeby Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Lily. A smokin' hot bikini model with a sexy Colombian accent. Lily is engaged to a famous Telenovela actor, Dylan Cooper. But how come another man, Xander Valient...
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Coerced Wedlock ( Completed) by ChhaviGupta5
Coerced Wedlock ( Completed)by Chhavi Gupta
Mehul is a handsome, decent, nice young man, he is forced to marry the daughter of his father's friend as they were betrothed to each other. Who gets betrothed in this...
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The Only Blood  by MinnieMeenyMinyMoe
The Only Blood by Minal Warudkar
(Advisable to 16+ only) Highest #6 in Luna Queen Highest #45 in Alpha King Highest #59 in PureBlood It wasn't everyday that Moon Winters came across mouth watering, deli...
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Kisses For A Devil  by xpeachgirlx
Kisses For A Devil by xpeachgirlx
''Ms. Sanders?" He said in his deep and sexy voice after scrutinising me from head to toe. ''Sir.''I gulped loudly before I said, ''I'd like to give you a blow job...
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Becoming a stripper or taking part in what most people would term as 'prostitution' was never my dream. Becoming a hooked drug addict was never part of my future plans e...
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Something About Olive by httpmermanda
Something About Oliveby Mandastryck
Olive Konnor's was gone for three months, in those three months her first love makes his way back. Ace was Ali, Olive's best friend's, older brother. He had been in col...
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Kaos Reigns by lonelyheartsjoin
Kaos Reignsby Lonelyheartsjoin
Lola lived for the heart pumping, adrenaline rush and it had gotten her in serious trouble with the police. To keep Lola out of juvenile detention, her mother sends her...
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Five Weeks √ by SanguineShruti
Five Weeks √by Shruti
*Wattpad Indian Ambassador's Featured Novel* [Milestones: Winner of Little Moonlight Award] {Highest Ranking - #2 in romance} {New Ranking System - #1 in issues, #5 in l...
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