Chapter 22

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Anyway I just wanted to ask you that if you do come across any mistakes in my writing, such as me switching from 1st person to 3rd person by accident then don’t be afraid to point it out to me. Hell I would love it, wanting to make my story better and such so don’t worry about offending me. Trust me, I won’t be.

Here is the next chapter then; I had decided to do it in Hunters Pov since I wanted to add in a little drama for you guys.

Oh and the new and improved cover was from one of my fans who done an amazing job, seriously the font and the image is amazing!! So thanks Louiseandboysx, seriously I love your work!

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Hunter’s Pov

It had been a few weeks since Zoe had stayed round and I was pleased to note that it wasn’t the last, and while things didn’t get as heated I was content and happy with her presence alone. If she wanted to wait that was fine by me, her presence was enough even if my wolf didn’t think so.

Today happened to be one of the days in which Zoe didn’t sleep around and I had to suffer through waking up alone, surrounded by her delicious and vibrant scent which only made me miss her further. Since that night she had stayed when it was too late for her to go home I couldn’t sleep right without her, I felt out of place and constantly tense unless I was pressed up against her, her head on my chest or our legs entwined. She was my soul-mate, my other half so it didn’t come to a surprize that I felt like half of me was missing when she wasn’t around.

Saying that though things had been going great, and though I haven’t brought up the issue with her parents she knew I was aware that she didn’t run away. She hadn’t asked me straight out, but it was clear from how I loathed them that she had put two and two together. That was what Jack had been worried about, her reaction to him spilling the beans, even if he couldn’t help himself due to being unable to fight an Alpha order. She didn’t seem to mind though, but I knew she was hiding something just not what.

Sighing I rubbed my face roughly before getting ready for school, eager to see Zoe again. I couldn’t wait to look into those gorgeous emerald eyes of hers, run my fingers through her mane of dark curls or pull her against me. It was my idea of pure and utter heaven.

Grabbing my bag once I was ready to go, my hair still wet from my shower I took the steps two at a time as I pounded down the stairs and into the kitchen. I took note of the members of my pack that were in there, unfortunately Stacy happened to be present as well.

She had thankfully been keeping her distance since the whole lunch hall incident, the fact she had blamed my mate in front of the entire pack meaning that most were avoiding her more than usual. It’s not like I blamed them, hell the only reason guys hung around with her was because she was easy.

“Hunter baby, morning”

I raised a brow at her unimpressed, Ellie and Hannah glaring from their mates sides as she did so. Everyone had become fiercely protective over Zoe, even Josh who had hated rouges with a passion enjoyed her dry humour and company to the point he actually asked when she was coming round. Hannah had been incredibly pleased with his sudden change of attitude, the sex ban he had told me had been lifted. He was pleased to say the least.

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