Chapter 29

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Hunters Pov

I didn’t know what was going through that head of hers but the last thing I expected her to do was run from me, the white behind of her wolf flashing through the woods before she was gone like a shot. To be honest it hurt, a lot, that she was running away from me but I knew she must be feeling a number of conflicting emotions right now. She had just exposed her clearly deeply personal secret of being a wolf, one she had kept hidden from everyone who knew her for her whole life, to protect a female of her pack. And it was her pack as well as mine, it was our pack and as soon as she let me claim her we would run it together like we were destined to.

‘I’ve got this alpha, go after her!’ Collin stated, clearing seeing how conflicted I felt. It was my duty as alpha to check if Stacy was ok, I may hate her but she was still a pack member. Zoe on the other hand was my life, my other half; my mate and I wanted nothing more than to run after her since I could almost feel the pain she was going through. So when Collin stated he would take over the situation I was off like a shot, my claws gripping the soft ground with every pounce as I headed as quickly as I could through the woods, running after my angel as if my life depending on it.

‘Thanks mate, I owe you one’ I thought back to Collin as I followed my mates scent, the fact she had now shifted in front of us all meant that it would be impossible to hide her scent. I knew what it smelt like now, and while it was shocking that she had managed to hide it for so long now it was out in the open she would be a lot easier to find.

‘Don’t worry about it’ was all I got back before I shut the mind link between us, my nose lowering to the ground as I breathed in deeply as I followed her scent to where she had gone.

It didn’t take long until I found her, her light pants filling the air as she seemed to be sniffing a large clearing as she trotted around it almost causally. I could see how at unease she was though, her form stiff and her ears twitched back as her bloody face and muzzle continued to scan the area as she paced, clearly not knowing what to do with herself now she had ran.

Whimpering lowly in my throat her head snapped in my direction, the fact she knew instantly where to look cluing me in on the fact she knew I was following the whole time. It didn’t surprise me, my mate was both incredibly smart and special.

Don’t run baby….please I mentally pleaded with her when I saw her claws dig into the ground hinting me in on the fact that she was preparing to run. I couldn’t help but whine louder, lowering my large form to the ground to try and show her that I wasn’t a threat. She must know that I could and would never hurt her, but if I had to show submission to my mate then I would do so without regret.

I could tell the action surprised her, her form relaxing slightly due to how stunned she seemed. I knew why she was, I mean it went against all of my nature to not submit and yet here I was on the ground in front of my mate. I hoped beyond hope that it would show her how much I cared; how much I trusted and loved her and when I saw her slowly start to approach me I knew I had thankfully succeeded.

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