Chapter 3

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Hunter’s Pov

I woke up grinning, my face buried in my large and plush pillows which decorated my bed as I heard the rest of the pack moving around as they got ready for yet another day of school.  

Let me introduce myself, my name is Hunter Silver and I am 18 years old and the alpha of the Midnight pack. Since my father stepped down and moved from the pack house down the road with my mother, his mate, I was given my birth-right of running the pack. I was good at it, strict but fair and since I have been in charge things have run smoothly.

My life was near perfect, I got treated with the utmost respect that I deserved and was feared around the world due to both mine and previously my dad’s leadership. I also practically ran the school, meaning that everyone in my territory had to obey any demands I may order quickly unless they wanted to be on the receiving end of my sour mood. I had been told when I looked furious it was enough for their inner wolves to shun back at the sight, let alone the power I seem to radiate.

As for what I look like I knew I was more than good-looking, my ability to get any girl I desired at the flick of my wrist only adding to my rather large ego. My slightly tanned skin made my pitch black hair stand out, the short cut framing my strong and masculine features as well as bringing out my deep hazel eyes which seemed to make girls go weak-kneed. Not that I was complaining, hell no!

“Get up mate, school starts and you need to be there to calm the pack when the rouges come” my beta stated as he poked his head through my door, his mate Molly pressed against his side as he did so which wasn’t a surprize. He said he didn’t feel whole unless he was with her, a fact that I was extremely jealous of even if I tried not to let it show.

“Whatever Collin” I muttered under my breath as I face planted the pillow again, but of course he heard as he left to get ready with the others.

While I had stated that my life was perfect one thing was missing. My mate. I hated that I didn’t have a mate by my side, a girl who was destined to be with me as she would take her place as the alpha female and never leave my side if I had anything to do with it. Being an alpha I was possessive of what was mine, god I wanted a mate!

Most of my pack had already mated, the ones who hadn’t hoping that some of the rouges coming may be their destined mate and they could have a change of happiness. I snorted, I hated rouges much like my already mated pack-mates, they were a threat and if it was up to me I wouldn’t have allowed them to step food on my territory! But no, this new law passed meant that all werewolves, including rouges in the area had to attend MY school for at least a year.

Getting up I quickly got dressed after taking a shower, grabbing my school bag as I made my way into the kitchen where most of my mates were.

“Morning alpha” Collin grinned, kissing his mates cheek as he did so. Collin was only a few centimetres at the most shorter than me, his blonde dusty hair matching his mates honey blonde curls as they reached the tips of her shoulders. She was shorter than most, but fit into his side perfectly and ever since they met they have been inseparable. I craved that, while I had the nickname of a womaniser I would give it all up for a mate of my own.  

“Morning” I grunted, grabbing some cereal before sitting down.

“You seen Stacy this morning?” Jack asked as he tried to purse him lips as not to laugh, my hateful look enough for him to bite his tongue.

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