Chapter 15

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Hunters Pov

I couldn’t help the sigh which fell from my lips as I stood on the large field which held the shifters of our pack, the fact I had been forced to leave my angel to attend this lesson not settling well with me. My pack had been avoiding me as much as possible, not that I could really blame them since I wasn’t exactly in a good mood. How could I be when my angel wasn’t here, she should be at my side for fucks sake where she belonged!

I ran a hand through my hair as I glanced to my right, trying to fight a grin when I felt my mates eyes on me as I did so. I had taken Ellie’s advice and immediately stripped off my shirt when I made my way onto the training field. What? I was a bloke after all and the fact I could feel some of my mates lust was a bonus!

When we mate fully we will be a lot more in-tune with each other, meaning not only will she be mine as I hers but I will be able to not only feel her emotions as if they were my own but I would be able to track her with ease. It was something I couldn’t help but look forward to, being so close to her in such an intimate way was extremely pleasing to both me and my wolf.

“Hey mate snap out of it will you” Collin joked as he came jogging to my side, careful to keep his tone playful. My wolf didn’t take a good view on being ordered around, Collin like the rest of the pack knew to be careful around me. My father was also similar, that thought reminding me that both he and my mother were getting antsy with wanting to meet my mate and the future alpha female once I had marked her.

“Whatever, how the hell do you cope with this?” I asked frustrated as I ran my hand through my hair yet again, keeping a close eye on the new pack mates who happened to be the rouges who had mated in the pack. The other male rouges had a different class, we weren’t exactly going to teach them how to fight so they could turn on us were we?

“What being away from my Ellie?” he asked and I nodded. “It’s never easy mate, in fact I bet its worse for you since your wolf is as possessive as hell, no offence” he continued causing me to scowl. Brilliant, that’s just lovely news.

“Well that sucks” I stated before shrugging. Turning around I rounded everyone up before stating that we were working on speed, everyone following into the woods before I felt the familiar feeling come over me as I shifted into my pure black wolf.

Hey Hunter

I cringed when I heard Stacy’s voice in my head, unfortunately it was the one place I couldn’t avoid her completely. For the start I had tried to completely blank her out, ordering her to the opposite end of the field since she had been more than a little difficult lately with the whole me dating her sister and everything.

She believed I was delusional and made sure to remind me constantly, her whiny voice being more of an annoyance then anything. It was when she started to try and throw herself at me I started to tell her to back off, the last thing I needed was Zoe getting the wrong idea and losing any chance I had with her. That thought was completely unacceptable, after finding out what an amazing person she is, how my wolf as well as myself feel incredible in her presence even the thought of being away from her was not acceptable to me.  

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