Chapter 10

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Hunter’s Pov

The crack ran though the hall, our eyes widening as the scent of blood filtered into our senses as we watched my mate yet again clearly breaking Stacy’s nose. I didn’t know why exactly, but the pure show of dominance and aggression Zoe had shown had my wolf purring and hissing in delight, obviously pleased that our mate could clearly look after herself.

She’s perfect my wolf purred and I could only agree with him as I gazed at her with possession, pride and adoration. She was perfect.

It was when she started to shake slightly, it being barely visible but I could practically feel the rage which was coming off her. I frowned, knowing how her eyes were clenched shut as she tried to calm herself.

Looking around I noticed everyone was to focused to the screeching girl to take her in and I found myself worrying, I knew she wasn’t a shifter due to her scent so her actions were worrying me. Was something wrong that I didn’t know about?

Quickly getting up I made my way over to her, she may hate me right now but that didn’t stop me from caring about her like I should. So with that thought on my mind my long strides quickly filled the gap between us, my arms quickly encircling her smaller form as I pulled her against me, immediately feeling her shaking stop.

“It’s alright” I murmured into her hair as I breathed in her scent, savouring the feel of having her completely in my arms where she belonged. It was only a matter of time until she realised it herself, and I would be waiting patiently until I had earned her trust enough to give this whole mates thing a shot.

I knew she had a difficult past; she was a rouge until she met me after all. I doubt she realised that being my mate she was automatically now involved with the pack, becoming their alpha female once I have fully marked and claimed her like I craved with my whole being. She was my everything, and for the life of me I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell I had been thinking when I thought my life was complete and perfect before she even came into it. The thought now just seemed completely ludicrous.

“Hunter why aren’t you helping me?” Stacy screeched from the floor causing the mood to shatter as Zoe seemed to suddenly realise where she was. She had completely relaxed in my arms, and I found myself growling at the slutty blonde on the floor for interrupting the moment  and making my mate feel uncomfortable enough to completely stiffen in my arms. What the hell was wrong with the bloody slut that she just had to make herself known, it was only a bloody nose for fucks sake!

“What Stacy, what do you want?” I spat at her once Zoe had made it known that she wanted to get out of my arms, however much I protested against the action I let her go knowing not to push it. The rush of warmth that had run through me, the sense of wholeness I felt and my wolf being completely calm, if not a little lustful when she was in my arms was the best feeling I had felt in my life. And then this bitch just had to ruin it due to some stupid idea that we were destined for each other, I would die before I thought the same.

“I need your help Hunter” she pouted, her eyes watering but I knew it was all an act. Knowing that I needed to help her up, being the alpha and such I reluctantly did so with a disgusted expression clearly on my face.

It was then I heard the most adorable sound in the world, a giggle coming from my right as my head snapped in Zoe’s direction to find her watching my expression with amusement. I couldn’t help but grin, the fact I had accidently let go of Stacy mid-way pulling her up meaning that she fell to the floor yet again with a cry.

“Brilliant” I heard my angel mutter, her hand over her mouth as she tried to smother her laughter as she looked away as not to show me he amusement in her eyes. I couldn’t help but grin widely, I had made her laugh! The thought made my wolf purr in happiness, the familiar feeling of warmth running through my body making me feel as if I was literally on top of the world. I knew the feeling was going to become incredibly addictive, my mates happiness being my own.

“HUNTER” oh for fucks…I had forgotten about the suddenly hysterical girl on the floor, my features turning to distaste as I took note of how her clothes had pulled up due to her position making it extremely aware to everyone that she was in fact going commando.

Being now mated I couldn’t find any other girls attractive but my mate, I could find them sexy or beautiful but I couldn’t get aroused with anyone other than my Zoe. I could try, probably being able to succeed in it if I wanted it bad enough but why would I? My mate was all I needed and wanted, it was just a matter of time before she realised the same thing.

“Shut your legs Stacy and get up, it’s only a broken nose” I stated with a cringe, hearing gagging behind me only to realise that Zoe must have gotten the same eye-full I had. Lovely…

“Uh that is rank, I am definitely not eating this now” I heard her grumble as she walked over to the nearest bin and threw her food inside causing me to frown, I thought she was far too skinny and the fact that it was Stacy’s doing that prevented her from eating had my anger rising.


“Of for fucks sake Stacy, get up” I hissed, fed up with her shrieking as I grabbed her by the wrist to tug her up. What the hell was wrong with this girl? She was a shifter, unfortunately it meaning she thought she was above everyone else, but because of her ability to shift like us her nose was already healing. Quicker than a female that couldn’t shift obviously, but she really needed to get a grip.

“Omf” she huffed as she flung herself at me, my expression turning sour especially when I saw Zoe watching from the table I was previously sitting at. Her face was blank, but her eyes told me all I needed to know. She was both amused and furious, her instincts telling her to allow my claim and rip her pathetic sister off me while her judgement was telling her otherwise. I sighed.

“Oh Hunter” she sighed dramatically, managing to get blood on my shirt. Just brilliant!

“You’re healed now Stacy, so get the hell off!” I spat, shoving her away as I made my way back to my table. Just great, that had wasted most of my lunch. But while saying this I couldn’t help but smile when I remembered how she my angel felt in my arms, how complete I felt with her so close…all I knew is that I wanted that, I craved that and I knew I would be doing everything in my power to make sure I make her mine like fate had destined.

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