Chapter 30

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Hunters Pov

Running beside my mate was thrilling to say the least, her side brushing against mine as I made sure to keep her in sight at all times. I hadn’t yet spoken to her out of wolf form so I had no idea what was going through that pretty head of hers, hell it could be anything and even though I hated to admit it I was worried she would run off again.

Shaking my head I couldn’t help but nuzzle my nose in the pelt of her fur, my muzzle pressing against her neck as we continued to run. She smelt so good to my wolf, her musky female essence making it even harder to fight back on the urge to claim her like both me and my wolf wanted to. I wouldn’t push her though; I loved her too much for that.

It was with that thought I nearly lost my footing, did I love her? I knew as soon as I tried to deny it that it was true, she meant everything to me and I knew that even if our kind didn’t have mates I would have still fallen for her sooner or later. She was everything in a girl that I wanted, she was sweet, funny, sexy of course but she also protective, smart and honest. All traits which should be present in an alpha female and I couldn’t have been more thankful that the spirits had destined her to belong to me as I did her.

Heading in the direction of the pack house I turned a sharp right only for Zoe to slowly slow from the run we had been in to a trot, making me frown before quickly dashing back to her side. It was times like these the fact our minds weren’t connected was a real pain, but again I wasn’t going to force her to mate with me if she wasn’t ready, I would wait even if it would take a lot of control to hold back my wolf since he was more than ready to be bound to her for eternity.

I let a whine escape my muzzle as I trotted towards her, trying to portray my confusion over what she was up to. She seemed to think it over for a few moments before she took off in the opposite direction, my worst fears becoming a reality as I shot after her as quick as a bullet. Why was she running away from me? She seemed fine before, so what had changed?

My wolf howled and snarled in protest though, not taking note that the direction she was going was actually to the school and that she wasn’t  just running off somewhere in the woods. No I didn’t realise this until my claws had dug into the soft grass underneath me, my hind legs pushing me off the ground as I pounced on my escaping mate with such power that it caused us both to tumble to the ground harshly.

Her high pitched whine quickly had me springing to action though, removing my large body from hers as soon as possible when I took note of the awkward angle she was lying under me in. Oh shit….

Shifting back into human form, the fact I was naked for all to see not bothering me as I quickly moved towards my mate with a pained and regretful expression. I hadn’t meant to be so rough with her, but the thought that she was running from me had caused my wolf to momentarily take control as he followed his instincts to calm his wolf. It was due to us not being mated, since in the animal world she would still be considered up for grabs which was why my wolf was so possessive of her.  He didn’t want to lose her, and neither did I.

“Shit, are you already baby?” I asked with worry when she hadn’t moved for a while, seemingly stunned before she jumped to her feet while shaking out her fur. She seemed to look at me curiously; her head tilted to the side before she used her nose to bump my ankle, trying to avoid looking at the junction between my legs were my member laid. I couldn’t help but smirk, such an innocent little girl I thought with a grin.

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