Tea & Tears

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Ally's P.O.V.

*two months after the night Spencer was found*

I rolled over for the millionth time not being able to sleep. I glanced over towards the clock and it read 2:34 am. I let out a huff pushing myself up resting my head on the backboard.

I looked over and saw Mani completely passed out with her face shoved into the pillow. I looked at the dark room for a minute before pulling the blankets off slipping out of bed.

Maybe some tea will help me sleep. I walked out of the room, quietly not to wake up Normani. As I walked down the hallway and down the stairs I could hear faint voices coming from the living room.

I didn't ponder on it too much only because Lauren and Dinah usual stay up pretty late and watch movies, but I didn't want to scare them if they hear me in the kitchen so I made my way towards the living room first.

As I rounded the corner I could hear more of the voices on the television but what struck me as odd, was it sounded more like Spencer's cartoons then it did something Lauren or Dinah would watch.

As I walked into the living room I saw a small body wrapped up in some blankets looking in the direction of the television. Immediately I knew it was Spencer, but why was she awake?

"Spencer? Baby what are you doing up?" I whispered as I lowered myself onto the couch. My voice caught her off guard making her jump slightly.

"Sorry. I couldn't sleep." She whispered back rolling over so she was looking up at me.

"Do you feel okay?" I asked reaching my hand over placing it in her forehead to see if she felt warm.

"Yeah, I feel fine. Just can't sleep." She said as I pushed some hair off her face not feeling a temperature.

I nodded taking my hand as I rubbed her knee, looking up towards the television. "Did I wake you up?" I heard Spencer ask with worry in her voice.

I immediately shook my head giving her a smile. "No not at all. I couldn't sleep either so I thought some tea would help." I could see her eyes twinkle in the dark room as she let out a sigh of relief. She suddenly lifted herself up leaning her weight on the side of the couch. "Do you feel okay?" I laughed as she leaned forward putting her small hand on my forehead checking for a temperature.

She let out an adorable laugh as she put her hand back in her lap. "I feel fine mi amor." I kissed her cheek before pulling myself up off the couch.

"Come here sweetie, I'll make you some tea." I reached out to grab her hand and she gladly took it interlocking our fingers.

I lead us through the dark hallway to the kitchen. I quickly threw the light on making both of us squint at the sudden brightness. "Ohh that's bright." Spencer laughed out holding her hands over her eyes.

"Come here silly, what kind of tea would you like?" She stepped forward leaning on the kitchen counter to see what kinds we had. "I don't know. Whatever you're having." I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Alright two Chamomile teas coming up." I took out the kettle filling it with water placing it on the stove. As that was boiling I took out two mugs, one with white rose petals and the other with Spider-Man. It was Camila's.

"Ally?" I spun around when I heard Spencer's small voice from behind me. She was siting at one of the island stools leaning her head on the counter.

"Yeah baby?" I asked leaning my weight on the other side of the counter so we could talk face to face.

She lifted her head, eyes finding mine. They danced with curiosity as they flicked with different shades of green. "Do you like being famous?"

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