Peter Pan

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Spencer's P.O.V.

It was late that night and after the 'dance party' we all decided to order some food and have a movie night. Dinah wanted to watch horror and I was completely down for it but, Camila took over and claimed I was too young and she wasn't exposing that kind of stuff to me. So she suggested Peter Pan.

"Caption Hook is way better then Peter Pan!" I watched as Dinah and Mani fought over who was better. I frowned when Camila and Lauren got into the heated argument claiming sides. I glanced over to Ally and she gave me a soft smile. "Wanna go take a walk?" I nodded my head letting her lead me out of the living room and up the stairs. No one even noticed we left. "I love them all dearly but I swear their all 10 years old." I laughed at Ally making her smile. "Come on I want to show you something." Ally and I both made our way down the hallway and into her room. I haven't really seen much of it so when we both walked in I was a little taken back. The room was absolutely spot less. No clothes all over the floor, or stuff just siting everywhere. Both beds were made and nothing looked out of place. "Me and Mani like clean."

"I can tell. Dinah and Camila's room is nothing like this, and Lauren's is just filled with clutter." Ally took my hand and lead me over to a door right beside her bed. "Open it." I gave Ally a confused look pointing to the door. "The closet door?" Ally pulled a smile before pushing me towards the door.

I placed my hand on the knob and slowly opened it. When I swung it open it wasn't a closet. It was a stairway. I creased my eyebrows together looking at Ally. "What is this?"

"What does it look like? Come on let's go." I was tugged up the stairs not allowed to answer. When we both reached the top my breath was taken away. It was a small attic with French doors leading out to a balcony. "What the heck!" I hit Ally's shoulder. "Why did no one tell me about this place!" Ally raised her hands up in surrender. "Hey don't smack me! It's my little secret... but I wanted to share it with you."

"Do the girls know about it?" I walked over to the French doors giving them a slight push. I felt the light warm breeze hit me instantly and my hair blew back.

"They know about it in a general sense. Mani is the only one who actually knows I go up here." Ally came out with me and lead us both over to some chairs. Trees blocked most of the view which is why I haven't seen it before. But when you look up you could see the twinkling stars. "It's beautiful." I whispered before Ally pulled me onto her lap. "Sometimes I like to get out and have a little peace and quiet when the girls are arguing." I frowned when Ally mentioned that the girls fight. "Do they fight a lot?" She ran her fingers through my hair gently. "Not very often but often enough. Most of the time it's just stupid stuff." She smiled, "so don't worry about them getting into fights."

I leaned back into Ally's embrace staring back up at the stars. "Thanks for bringing me here Allycat." I heard Ally whispered a 'You're welcome' in my ear before I felt my eyes grow heavy and I fell asleep under the stars.


Camila's P.O.V.

"Peter Pan is better!" I huffed crossing my hands over my chest.

"No! Caption Hook is better!" Dinah pointed to the T.V.

"What about Wendy!?" Dinah, Normani and I all turned around to face Lauren.

"Don't even start with Wendy Lauren!" Lauren started yelling at Dinah who proceeded to yell at Mani who was shouting at Lauren. I glanced over to the couch to see if Spence was asleep but Ally and her were both gone.

"Ugh guys... where's Spencer and Ally?" I turned my head and they continued to yell at each other. "Guys!" I waved my hands but no one noticed. "ALLY AND SPENCER ARE GONE!" I yelled at the top of my lungs to get all their attention. They instantly shut up and looked towards the couch.

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