882 25 6

I'm so unbelievably grateful to each and every one of you for getting this book to 25k. Back when this book had 10k I thought it couldn't get better and you all proved me wrong with smashing that number and turning it into something amazing. Here's to our first 25k and to every moment after 💕 xo

And, a huge thank you to SLOTHTATO for the amazing cover. It looks beautiful and I'm thankful to you and to everyone who shares the same love and appreciation for it.

It's almost been a year since I first published this book and I do not regret a single thing about doing so. I love each and every one of you, the people who vote, the people who comment, the people who get so attached that the story becomes something more. To all the people who gave this book a chance because it never started out as something this meaningful to me and the fact that so many people follow this story and feel what I felt as I wrote it means the absolute world. I couldn't be more grateful.

As for chapters, I should be posting the next one as soon as I can. This story isn't even close to being over so be prepared.

Until next time...

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