Final Goodbyes

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Spencer's P.O.V.

"What flavour do you want Spence?" Lauren asked getting everyones orders. "Vanilla please."

"That's my girl!" Normani raise her hand for me to high five it. "Texas all the way baby!" Ally gave me a wink before going with Lauren to get everyone's ice cream. "Does Texas have good vanilla ice cream or something?" I asked laughing. Normani gave me a hurt look. "Only the best! Especially with pie." She flashed me a smile.

"Don't listen to her. California is way better, and it's not just because I'm from here." Dinah flashed me a smile. "Oh and don't ask Lauren and Camila... they'll just say Florida is better, which is debatable." Dinah said laughing folding her arms over her chest, smirking.

It turns out Camila didn't come with us. She locked herself in her room and refused to come out. I felt guilty but I'm making my own decision by letting them fly me home. If she can't respect that then it's her loss. We went downtown and looked at all the shops. Well it was more of a run through the shops. They had me pulled everywhere, avoiding some kind of people. Then grabbed some lunch. It was a bit of a struggle to get everyone to agree on something but eventually we all decided to just get some street food. Then made our way to the beach for some ice cream.

"What are you thinking about bug?" Normani's voice broke my thoughts. "Just what a great day today was." I gave a toothless grin. She pushed some of my hair out my face and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. "It was a pretty good day."

"Okay, we have three vanillas, one chocolate and one peanut butter swirl." Lauren handed out each one of our ice cream cones. "Thanks LoLo." I met her eyes and she grinned. "Anything for you." She gave me wink before we all started walking along the beach.

"Hey, Spence. How's your head been?" Lauren asked turning around. "It looks a lot better. But does it feel better?"

"It doesn't hurt that much anymore, and no headaches." I smiled. "And what about your side?" Dinah asked taking a lick of her ice cream. "It's sore but definitely better then what it was."

"That's good!" Ally chimed in while we all continued walking along the beach back to the car. Normani coughed a little clearing her throat. "And the memories? Did you have anymore dreams?" It was silent as all eyes were on me. I shrugged my shoulders, "Not really. Just the same nightmare. But it doesn't really give me answers as far as I'm aware." We all finally reached the car, finishing our ice cream.

"Ally what time do we have to leave?" Dinah asked from the back seat. "When we get back Spence needs to pack a few things and we're all heading to the airport in about hour."

"So an hour?" Dinah asked sadly.

Ally broke her gaze in the rear view mirror looking down at her lap. "Yeah we have an hour." 

The guilt was killing me. I felt bad for making them feel like this. I cleared my throat slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for everyone to be so sad."

"What? No Spencer, that's not why we're sad." Lauren came closer closing the gap between us. "We all support your decision on leaving."

"Not everyone." I mumbled under my breath. Lauren decided to ignore my comment as she continued.

"All of us aren't going to try and keep you here. You're free to do your own thing and if you want to go back home and figure stuff out then who are we to hold you back." She wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me into her side.

"Lauren's right love. We all support you no matter what and we're always here for you." Ally gave me a smile through the mirror. As touching as it all was my mind kept thinking back to Camila. Why can't she see what the others are seeing?

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