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Spencer's P.O.V.

*one week later*

It was a whole week later until we finally got back to California. Apparently they had to clear things up with the foster home before we could go back, which I didn't exactly mind. I love spending time in Toronto.

Not a lot has happened, I'm still in the processing stage, I haven't told the girls about my memory coming back, or that the Taylor's aren't as innocent as I'm saying. In time I suppose.

"Spencer! Come down here!" I was currently laying on Camila's bed because my room was still in the process of being redone. "Coming!" I pushed myself up off the bed taking out my earbud. I ran down the stairs but missed a step and tripped right into someone's arms. I looked up and Lauren had a worried expression. "Slow down Spence." I wiggled out of her arms placing my feet on the ground. "Sorry." Lauren laughed. "You're just like Camila. Now come on we're having a family meeting." Lauren grabbed my hand pulling me into the living room.

I looked around and saw all five girls siting down on the couch. "We saved the chair for you." I glanced over and the big recliner was set up in the middle of the room. I walked in awkwardly sitting down. They all had huge smiles on their faces and it was kinda creeping me out. "Umm, so... are you guys okay?" I tugged on the sleeve of my shirt when I saw Camila stand up. "We're all fine. We have a surprise for you." I watched as she picked up a package on the table handing it to me. I looked down at the brown package analyzing it. "Do I open it?" They all nodded and I felt my hands get all sweaty. I could feel my nerves growing.

I slowly opened the top sliding out the paper inside. When I flipped over the paper I instantly felt my stomach drop and my heart skip a beat. I held my breath while I read it.

Spencer Johnson has been legally adopted by Karla Camila Cabello.
Legal name: Spencer Cabello
All legal rights have been granted to Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah Jane Hanson, Normani Kodi and Lauren Jauregui

I thought I heard someone call my name but I was too busy reading that over and over again. I was holding legal adoption papers and nothing made me more happy. But why can't I express it? I wanted to cry but I just stared at it in complete shock. I felt a hand on my shoulder bringing me out of my own head and back to the living room.

"Spencer! Honey are you okay?" I watched as Ally rubbed my arm with worry written across her face. I saw Camila slowly make her way over to me crouching down right in front of me with her hands on my knees. "Talk to us baby... is it too much? Are we moving too fast? If you want I can-" I stuck my hand out putting down the paper on the chair. "Is it real?" I whispered and I saw Camila take the paper from behind me putting it back in my hands. "It's real. This is 100% real. You're all ours and now we have the papers to prove it." She flashed me a smile. "Are you okay with that?" Her face grew more worried when I didn't speak. I wanted this to be real. I wanted nothing more then to be apart of a family. When I looked into Camila's eyes something clicked. A wave of emotions came rushing to the surface and I could feel my lip quiver. I burst into tears falling into her arms. "Let it out baby girl.. I'm here." She rubbed my back as I cried onto her shoulder. Everything I've been holding in was finally coming out and I couldn't control it. Flashbacks were spinning around in my head. My whole heart felt like it was going to burst. I tried to get as much air in my lungs as possible but failed miserably. I felt my lungs tighten and my throat become more narrow.

"C- cam-ca-" I choked out and I felt her whole body tense. She pulled back examining my posture. Her eyes scanned me before her eyes grew wide with fear. The next few minutes felt like slow motion. I was laying on the ground looking up at the ceiling choking on the air I was trying to get into my burning lungs. I heard muffled screaming but before I could make out anything my vision was becoming blurry and everything went black.

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